Food taboos for vegetables

The taboo of vegetables

In addition to hunger and health, vegetables contain implied contraindications. We should know how to avoid it before we know what we are doing. When we are full of food, we will be safe and healthy.

Day lily

Soak for two hours before cooking. Since fresh lily must contain "narcissus toxin," raw food can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other allergic symptoms. Therefore, it must be blisters for two hours before cooking with the fire until it is ripe and ready to eat. If you eat it at will, it is easy to stir. allergy.

The fresh golden lily of the day lily, fear of sulfur processing, food poisoning caused by eating, so all dried day lily is best to use warm boiled water for 30 minutes, then boiled in boiling water for 1 minute, drained and then cook ,safer.


Menstrual period and spleen and stomach Deficiency do not eat. Eggplant is cool, and the spleen and stomach should not eat as much as possible. Before and after menstruation period, women should eat as little as possible. Old mature eggplants can become poisoned after eating and must not eat.

Eggplant contains ingredients that induce allergies. Eating too much can cause nervousness and people with allergies should avoid eating.


Those who are paralyzed and allergic are not suitable. The taro mucus can irritate the mucous membranes of the throat, which may increase the cough and cause more phlegm, so cough and sputum should not be eaten.

The unique mucus of the taro can make the palms red and itchy, but the effective medicinal ingredient is on the mucus, so do not intentionally wash away the mucus before cooking. However, people with allergies should eat less.


Warm sex, do not eat after drinking. Amaranth is a warm, overdose will be dizzy, in particular, can not eat after drinking.

People with wind-heat, cold, inflammation, measles, tuberculosis, constipation, acne, etc. should not eat.

The leek's fiber is very thick, there are digestive tract diseases or indigestion, can not eat too much at once, otherwise it will be bloated sad.


Avoid eating with high calcium foods. Spinach contains more oxalic acid, and with high-calcium foods with the same food, it is easy to form calcium oxalate caused by stones, so spinach to avoid contact with tofu, black sesame, yogurt and other high calcium foods, not in a meal or Eat at the same time in the near future, especially those who have had stones, it is best to avoid eating.

White radish

Patients with chronic gastritis should avoid eating. White radish, cold, spleen and stomach Deficiency, stomach and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, simple goiter and other patients are not advised to eat more.

White radish will affect the efficacy of Chinese medicine, especially when eating Chinese medicine containing ginseng, fleece-flower root, Radix Rehmanniae, etc., avoid white radish.


Gynecological cancer should not eat again. Yam has a converging effect, constipation or bowel movement can not be eaten, otherwise constipation will be more serious.

Eat more yam will promote the body's secretion of hormones, beneficial to the general public, but gynecological tumors (including the uterus, ovaries, breasts), and men with prostate cancer are not advised to eat, otherwise it will contribute to tumor.


Ginger will be thrown away when it is rotted. Whenever a piece of ginger rots, it must be discarded. Don't remove the rotted portion and leave a good portion. Because when the ginger rots, the ginger will produce a strong "jaundice". When baicalein is eaten into the body, it can cause hepatocellular lesions and seriously affect health. Therefore, as long as ginger has rot, it must be discarded. Do not lose because of small losses.


Potatoes sprouted with green skin do not buy. The sprouting of potatoes will produce a large number of "solunculin", especially in the highest concentration around the buds, the skin of the potato will turn green and contain solanine. Do not eat potatoes containing solanine, otherwise it will cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even coma. Pregnant women may suffer miscarriage if eaten, so do not buy potatoes with sprouts and green skin.

Unripe tomatoes

The unripe tomatoes contain a large amount of "Solidarin", an alkaloid that is corrosive and hemolytic. After eating large numbers of green tomatoes, it causes acute food poisoning, itching of the throat, burning of the stomach, and gastrointestinal tract. Inflammation and other symptoms, so the tomatoes must be bought thoroughly, all red, relatively safe. Hyperacidity, should not eat tomatoes when fasting. Because tomatoes contain a lot of gum, fruit, persimmon powder and soluble astringent, etc., people have more stomach acid secretion when fasting. After chemical reaction with stomach acid, these substances can produce hard-dissolved hard blocks to fill the stomach cavity. Causes pain in the stomach and expansion of the stomach.

Spinach and onion

Tuberculosis, kidney stones, and calcium-deficient children should not eat oxalic acid-rich vegetables such as spinach and onions. Because oxalic acid is easily combined with calcium to form calcium oxalate crystals, affecting the body's absorption of calcium.


People suffering from gastric ulcer, tuberculosis, esophagitis, high blood pressure, toothache, acne and other diseases should not eat chili. Because pepper contains capsaicin, it is very pungent.


People taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors should not eat lentils. Because lentils contain a tyramine component, it can increase blood pressure and produce symptoms such as pulmonary edema.

In short, eating vegetables should be taboo, so as to promote good health.

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