Three-day Honey Diet Detoxifying Moisturizer

Winter is the most nourishing and nutritious honey, and women are more likely to eat honey in winter. In addition to moisture, the three-day honey diet also helps women lose weight in the winter. Use honey water instead of three meals each morning, lunch and dinner. You won't eat anything else. After three days, you can receive a good weight loss.

When brewing honey water, be careful, the first can not be brewed with boiling water. Boiling water will destroy the nutrition of honey, so use warm water to brew. In addition, the brewing water is best to use mineral water, purified water or high-quality water without impurities. Third, add 10-20 grams of honey to 150 ml of fresh water. Drink plenty of water after drinking honey water to help detoxify.


Three-day honey diet: the first day

Morning: A glass of honey water

Noon: Two cups of honey green tea, one tablespoon of honey

Afternoon: Two tablespoons of honey

Evening: Two cups of honey roses and flower tea

Three-day honey diet can easily lead to empty stomach and may not be used at the beginning, but if you are hungry, you should eat honey and look at it. This can slow down the symptoms of slight dizziness and soft palate.

Three-day honey diet: the second day

Morning: A cup of honey and green tea

Noon: a cup of honey mint tea, 1 tablespoon honey

Afternoon: A glass of honey water

In the evening: a cup of honey tea and a tablespoon of honey

I heard that Kim Hee Sun was able to achieve the effect of weight loss through the three-day honey diet. But honey does not eat as much as possible, and should be controlled between 150 and 200 grams per day.

Three-day honey diet: the third day

Morning: A glass of honey water

Noon: A cup of honey citrus tea

Afternoon: 1 tablespoon of honey

Evening: a cup of honey rose tea

The three-day honey diet not only has a strong detoxification effect, but also eliminates edema. After three days you will find that your body has become lighter and your mental state will become better. Some girls use this method to fully reduce the 6 pounds. Of course, remember to keep a light diet after losing weight with honey.

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