How to prevent frostbite in winter

As the saying goes: “I have committed frostbite every year and have suffered from frostbite every year.” However, I forgot that there is a saying: “Good governance is better than early prevention.” Experts believe that as long as people do a good job of prevention in advance, frostbite will not be wrapped around . Chilblains are localized inflammatory lesions caused by cold. Chilblains are common diseases in winter. Once frostbite occurs, it is often difficult to cure quickly during the cold season. Chilblain mostly occurs when the temperature is below 5°C and then heals itself after warming in spring, but it is easy to relapse after winter and it is annoying. The key to reducing the incidence of frostbite is to begin prevention before winter.

1, the best time to prevent frostbite

Although many people know that they are prone to frostbite, they do not pay attention to prevention. Whenever the cold season arrives, after the onset of frostbite, it reminds you of keeping warm and cold, and at the time missed the best treatment opportunity.

Experts pointed out that the key to fighting frostbite is prevention, and the sooner the better. In fact, the best time to prevent frostbite is late autumn and early winter.

2, for cold exercise

The key to preventing frostbite is to perform cold-resistant exercises.

The specific method is to start from the beginning of the fall and winter, and gradually soaked with cold water in previous parts of the common frostbite, such as hands and feet.

At the beginning, you can try to soak for half an hour each day, then gradually increase it to soak for one hour.

3, do not touch cold water

At present, the mechanism of the incidence of frostbite is not yet clear, and people who are often exposed to cold water are prone to suffer from this disease.

4, more sun

Before sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation can protect the body from frostbite.

5, warming up

In addition, warming can also be done from food. Appropriate to eat beef, lamb and other warm foods to enhance the body's ability to withstand cold.

You can also eat hot and cold foods, such as pepper, ginger, etc., will also play a certain cold effect.

6, clever use of food to prevent frostbite

Use boiled eggplant stalks or hot pepper stalks to boil water, soak in areas that are prone to frostbite, or rub the local skin with ginger to prevent frostbite.

7, strengthen exercise

Can do some outdoor sports, brisk walking, running, winter swimming and so on. People who are not suitable for outdoor exercise can try to wash their hands and face with cold water to improve the cold resistance of the skin.

8, pay attention to local warmth

Use masks, gloves, windproof earmuffs, scarves, etc. when you go out in the cold weather. Shoes and socks should not be too tight and promote blood circulation.

Prevention of frostbite secrets:

1. Avoid cold winds;

2. Do not use dry radiant heat;

3. Keep dry;

4. Do not drink, otherwise the heat will be dispersed faster;

5. Do not smoke, smoking will reduce the body's blood environment, making the limbs more vulnerable;

6. Do not wear tights or any rings or jewelry;

7. Avoid contact with metal.

8, pay attention to keep warm, protect the frozen parts, such as hands and feet, ears, etc., should pay attention to wear good gloves, wear thick socks, cotton shoes and so on. After shoes and socks are wet, they must be replaced promptly. Wear earmuffs when going out and pay attention to keeping your ears warm. Regularly rub these areas to strengthen blood circulation.

9. Don't use soap with too much alkali when washing hands or washing your face to avoid irritating the skin. After washing, rub some moisturizers, creams, glycerin and other oily skin care products to protect the skin's lubrication.

10, often cold-resistant exercise, wash your face with cold water, wash your hands to enhance cold resistance.

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