Breeding Chickens in Fermentation Beds Improves Chicken Immunity

In the field of aquaculture, the drawbacks of antibiotics for the prevention and treatment of diseases and growth-promoting additives have become increasingly prominent and gradually threaten human health and environmental safety. The amount of veterinary antibiotics is also increasing, and ecological farming is a general trend. Lactobacillus spp., which is based on lactic acid bacteria, has a growth-promoting effect similar to that of antibiotics. It optimizes the function of traditional litter to absorb chicken manure. The principle of action is different from that of antibiotics. The Jinbao dry spreader fermentation bed is effective in killing E. coli and coccidia eggs through litter fermentation, and the beneficial bacteria of chicken foraging regulate the balance of intestinal flora and competitively inhibit pathogenic bacteria. And then stimulate the animal's essential growth performance to improve the body's immunity. Therefore, Jinbao dry-type fermentation bed has the functions of improving the environment of the chicken house, lowering the breeding cost, and improving the breeding efficiency. It is the best choice for modern breeding.
1. The fermentation bed can regulate the microecological balance of the chicken's intestine. As bacteria enter the chicken from the mouth, microorganisms are continuously added in the intestine, and they continue to excrete and excrete microorganisms. The intestinal fistula forms a large and complex micro-ecological system. In the healthy intestine, a micro-ecological balance system in which lactic acid bacteria are the dominant bacteria and E. coli, Salmonella, and other pathogenic bacteria are at a disadvantage. Because of the large amount of beneficial bacteria contained in the Tycoon Dry Fermentation Bed, it can effectively regulate the intestinal flora balance.
2. The fermentation bed can promote the health of the chicken's intestinal tract. The fermentation bed contains a large number of functional and beneficial bacteria. The chicken can feed the fermentation bed's bedding to promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients so as to resist the invasion of pathogens and stimulate the maturation of the immune organs. Activating the immune system; participating in the synthesis of multiple vitamins; regulating the functions of metabolism, etc. These have a decisive role in maintaining the physiological functions of chickens and normal growth.
The imbalance of the intestinal micro-ecological system will cause intestinal dysfunction, metabolic disorders, indigestion, loss of appetite, causing diarrhea, diarrhea and even induce systemic sepsis, impeding the performance of chicken growth, and even death.
4. The fermentation bed restores the unbalanced intestinal micro-ecosystem to normal. Because the chicken's gastrointestinal tract is highly open to the outside world, changes in the external environment and changes in the internal environment of the chicken body may cause intestinal lactic acid bacteria. The number of pathogenic bacteria and coccidia proliferate, breaking the microecological balance of the gastrointestinal tract and causing intestinal diseases. The golden treasure dry-sweeping fermentation bed strain is based on the micro-ecological balance theory, a special processing technology made of live bacteria products containing lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites, the fermentation bed through the decomposition of litter and chicken manure, played Bio-fermentation, on the one hand, the fermentation layer can effectively kill E. coli and coccidia eggs, while the bed surface is always dry, inhibiting the breeding of pathogenic microorganisms and preventing diseases; on the other hand, chickens are beneficial for feeding through fermentation beds. The bacteria and beneficial bacteria colonize the intestinal tract, promote the growth of intestinal villi, increase the surface area of ​​the intestinal wall, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Lactic acid bacteria can also activate the immune organs of chickens, thereby greatly improving the immunity of chickens. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website:

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