Winter rabbits focus on 7 points

1. Increase the illumination time for light breeding female rabbits is 16 hours, light intensity 60 lux. At present, most rabbit farms in China use three-layer overlapping rabbit cages. In the case where natural lighting is not enough, such cages cause uneven light illumination. Half of the lights are on the top, and the upper cage lighting is good, while the poor light in the middle and lower layers will seriously affect the heat of the female rabbits. It is recommended to adopt three-dimensional lighting, the light source (bulb or energy-saving lamp can be made) can be made three vertical arrangement, the first type of cage, a set of lamps every 2 meters, available 10 watts of energy-saving lamps can be continuous for 6 to 7 days Add light.

2. Multidimensional supplements No matter whether the male rabbit sperm production and development, or the female rabbits ovarian activity and estrus, vitamins play a very important role, but also other nutrients can not be replaced. It is recommended that drinking water be supplemented with electrolytic multidimensionals in the near future, or a variety of vitamins should be added to the feed, so that vitamin A can reach 10,000 units/kg, and vitamin E can reach 50 mg/kg. Conditional rabbit farms, each rabbit fed a carrot every day, the better.

3. Note that the decrease in the holding temperature will affect the estrus of the female rabbit and the sexual behavior of the male rabbit to some extent. More importantly, it has an adverse effect on the survival of born pups. It is recommended to increase the temperature-increasing equipment in the rabbithouse so that the temperature in the rabbit house can be maintained at about 10°C and the lowest temperature at 5°C. Note that the box is placed 2 days ahead of time and the litter inside the farrowing box is appropriately increased to help the pups stay warm.

4. Ventilation Ventilation Ventilation is often neglected in order to keep the harmful gas in the rabbit house from exceeding the standard, which greatly affects the health of the rabbit. It is very important to keep enough fresh air in the rabbit house. Based on human feelings, there is no feeling of irritating eyes and nose after entering the rabbit house. Conditioned rabbit farms are equipped with an automatic ventilation device. When harmful gases (mainly ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gas) reach the upper limit of the standard, ventilation fans are automatically started.

5. Ensure that nutrients in winter are low in temperature and that rabbits consume more nutrients than in other seasons. It is crucial to ensure the supply of nutrients to improve the performance of rabbits. Under the premise of full-price nutrition, feeds should appropriately increase the proportion of energy feeds and increase them appropriately.

6. Commercial rabbit production winter meat rabbit fattening should pay attention to timely slaughter, because winter fattening consumes more nutrients than other seasons, fattening early feed efficiency, and late fattening production potential is small, so grasp the slaughter time is to improve efficiency An important part of this is whether it is a rabbit or a rabbit. During the fattening period, the stocking density can be appropriately increased, of course, to ensure ventilation; rabbits are expensive in fur, and winter is the best season for fur growth. In addition to requiring a higher temperature in the rabbit house before 2 months of age, the fattening can be maintained at 0 to 10°C, and the light time and light intensity can be controlled, which is more conducive to improving the quality of the skin and coat. In addition to the need for insulation within 2 weeks after shearing, proper low temperatures can promote the growth of coat (especially hair).

7. Disease prevention is mainly rabbit trout, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, skin diseases (mycosis and rickets), and coccidiosis. In addition to rabbits must be injected vaccines, other diseases are mainly feed control, air quality control, rabbit house humidity control and hygiene control. The above work is done well and you can achieve a multiplier effect.

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