Improper fertilization causes peanut shell

This is because there is an antagonistic effect between potassium ions and calcium ions. The so-called antagonism between segregating plants refers to the presence of a certain kind of segregant in the soil solution, which can inhibit the absorption of the plant from another segregating isoform. There are many examples of such production, not only do more potassium, it will cause plant calcium deficiency, lack of magnesium; excessive application of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer will also hinder crop absorption of calcium ions; excessive application of phosphate fertilizer will induce crops such as zinc deficiency. Therefore, we must pay attention to fertilization methods, a fertilization amount can not be too large, do not mix phosphorus fertilizer and zinc and other metal elements mixed fertilizer application.

Dehydrated Vegetables

Dehydrated Food Factory, located in Manhing Industrial Park, is the No.1 in China, covering 211,200 Sq.m., introducing four sets advanced AEROGLIDE dehydration production lines from United States, BUHLER color sorter from Switzerland, MESUTRONIC mental detector equipment from Germany, MUNTERS dehumidification from Sweden and other 120sets equipments. Besides this, adopting the world's most advanced production technology and experienced technical staff ensure that we have an annual output of 5 million tons with the high quality. Depending on advanced equipment and excellent management, we have passed the HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL, and the products are exported to more than 50 countries and areas.

Our company has a standard multi-function laboratory managing according to ISO, which were equipped with advanced detection and analysis facilities: GC, HPLC, AAS etc., and various detection such as: pesticide residues, heavy metals, physical, chemical and microbiological test, can be detected according to customer requirements. The quality control from raw materials into the plant, the entire production process, until the finished product output, are carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of engineers to ensure truly comprehensive, process control and management. Our Laboratory compares results with the CIQ laboratory, SGS, SINO other third-party laboratory and customer data regularly to ensure its true and reliable.

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