Composition of sprinkler system

In order to spray irrigation on a large area of ​​land, an irrigation system must be established on the irrigated land. It generally includes parts such as water sources, power machines, water pumps, channel systems, and sprinklers.

1, the composition of sprinkler system

(1) Water sources - whether it is rivers, channels, ponds, wells or lakes, but water quality must be clean.

(2) Water Pumps - Water is sprayed into the air and becomes fine water droplets. This requires a certain pressure on the water flow. This requires a water pump.

(3) Power machine—The water pump needs to be driven by a power machine to work. Power engines can use diesel engines, tractors, electric motors, or gasoline engines.

(4) Piping system—The function is to send water that has been pressurized by a water pump or naturally pressured water to the field. It is therefore required to be able to pressurize and pass a certain amount of flow. It is often divided into dry, branch, and standpipe and is equipped with a certain amount of elbow. Three-way, four-way, gate valve, joints and plugs.

(5) Sprinkler—It is a special device for sprinkler irrigation. Its role is to disperse the concentrated water flow in the pipeline into small water droplets evenly distributed in the field.

2, the classification of sprinkler system

According to the degree of movement of the main components of the sprinkler system during the irrigation season, it can be divided into fixed, mobile and semi-fixed categories.

(1) Fixed sprinkler system

That is, the pump station and the dry pipe and the branch pipe that form the fixed pump and power machine of the sprinkler system are mostly buried underground, and the sprinkler head will be on the fixed stand pipe.

The system has a higher investment per mu, and the standpipe has some impact on tractor farming and other agricultural operations. However, it is convenient to use, has high production efficiency, and occupies less land. It is more convenient to combine fertilizers and spray pesticides, especially for steeper hills. Areas, as well as areas that use natural head irrigation, and areas where vegetables or cash crops are frequently filled, are more suitable.

(2) Semi-fixed sprinkler system

That is, the water pump, the power machine and the trunk pipe are fixed, and the branch pipe is made to move. This unit investment is much lower than the fixed sprinkler system.

(3) Mobile irrigation system

This sprinkler system is only equipped with water sources in the field, while the power machine, water pump, main pipe, branch pipe and sprinkler head can all be moved. Increased equipment utilization. This form is simple in structure, flexible in use, and low in investment per unit area, except that mobile units and pipelines are labor-intensive and have a large area of ​​roads and channels.

Compacted Oxygen Cylinder Filling System

ETR Oxygen Cylinder Filling System is consisted of the air compressor, air-water separation device, refrigerated air dryer, air dew point monitoring device, multi-stage filter, air buffer tank, air moisture monitoring device, Oxygen Generator, oxygen buffer tank, flow meter, online oxygen monitoring device, oxygen booster and cylinder filling station, smart electric control cabinet, computer monitoring system, remote network monitoring system..

For the compacted Oxygen Cylinder Filling system, all the parts can be compacted together and skid mounted. So it is easy for the installation and operation and maintenance. 


Compacted Oxygen Cylinder Filling System

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