Midsummer manages jujube trees

At present, the management of red dates has entered the stage of fruit preservation, promotion of abundance, quality improvement and income increase. Some jujube farmers believe that “jujube fruit is already sitting and management work can be relieved”, but the jujube tree in midsummer is at a critical period of growth, and relevant management details must be put in place.

Adding fruit-promoting fertilizer Since the spring, jujube trees have undergone a series of physiological processes such as germination, leaf spreading, branching, bud emergence, flower bud differentiation, flowering, fruit setting and so on, which consume a lot of nutrients in the tree body. Now the fruit is sitting. However, the growth and growth of young fruit still require a lot of nutrition. Topdressing at this time will greatly benefit fruit growth. Since the type of topdressing is closely related to the quality of jujube fruit and the effect of fruit preservation, fertilization should be carefully selected when fertilizing. Generally, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers are mainly used as fertilizers, and foliar spray fertilizer is used to supplement nitrogen fertilizer. During fertilization, the fertilizer is dispersed in the soil under the vertical projection of the crown, watered after fertilization or applied before rain.

Note that after entering into the flood season in July, it means that it has entered the period of flood prevention. Drought and flooding are two major enemies that have seized the high yield and quality of jujube trees. The jujube farmer should pay close attention to the changes in the weather and dig up the drainage ditch in advance so that the drought can be filled with water and energy.

A mouth care should be serious Some juveniles due to lack of experience in the armor or improper operation, open mouth 25 to 35 days after incomplete healing, this will give the jujube tree survival and results have a huge negative impact, when serious will lead to jujube The whole tree died, so the care of the mouth is an important part of jujube management. The method is: First of all, it is necessary to make clear the reason that the mouth cannot be healed. The tree of harmful insects in the mouth should be timely excavated or coated and prevented. For unhealed nails, a quick knife should be used to cut the surface tissue, and then a moderate amount of love should be used. Mix the fungicide and mud, and tighten it with tape to promote healing.

The cultivator weeding solid trees has more rain in the summer, and all kinds of weeds thrive, and it is easy to cause poor soil permeability and loss of nutrients. At the same time, in order to avoid direct damage to the trees and dates caused by strong winds, bamboo trees, bundles, hanging branches, and top branches must be fixed during the expansion of young fruit.

The thinning of fruit and the removal of sprouts requires careful removal of the base of the tree from the roots in time, which is beneficial to the rational distribution of tree nutrients. For jujube and other fresh food trees with too many fruits, the amount of fruit set can be adjusted artificially to make the load more suitable. The specific steps are: first, after the next, first inside and outside, from the branch to the branch twigs. First pestle the fruit, yellow fruit and malformed fruit, and then sparse dense fruit, no leaf fruit, and very small fruit. The strong tree has 1 to 2 pieces of fruit per suspension, the golden tree 1.5 to 2 hangs 1 fruit, and the weak tree 2 to 3 hangs 1 fruit.

Prevention and treatment of insect pests in July and August is a concentrated period of intertwining jujube pests and diseases. The key pests are: red spider, jujube leaf aphid, peach fruit borer, cotton bollworm, turtle wax cicada, blind stink bug, hook moth, hawk moth, juvenile heartworm, etc., to these pests to be combined in the park to install the insecticidal lamp, A variety of physical methods, such as sticking shellac, are combined with chemical methods for comprehensive prevention and control. The main diseases are: jujube rust, anthracnose, melasma, rosyleaf, etc. Lithium-multiplied Bordeaux mixture can be used. It is sprayed once before July 20th and then controlled according to the type of disease.

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