Hot summer measures for chickens in summer

1. Reduce heat radiation. The chicken coop must be south to the north, and there should be no other buildings in front of the coop to ensure the smooth flow of air; the west and south sides of the coop should be planted, but do not dwarf the shrubs to live in the south wind, and the planted trees should be tall and crowned. Shade width; the ground should be planted with turf to reduce dust and reduce the heat of reflection; the roof is painted with two layers of white lacquer, fixed nozzles are installed on the roof, and there is enough pressure to spray cold water from the roof, so that the temperature can be reduced by about 5°C.

2. Ventilation. The closed chicken house must start all the fans. The open chicken house can open all the windows. The doors along the long axis of the aisle can also be changed into leaded wire mesh doors to facilitate the flow of air along the long axis of the house to achieve ventilation. If the cooling is not enough, add a high-speed fan or fan in the direction of the long axis inside the house.

3. Reduce the temperature. The air entering the house is drawn into a series of hollow bricks by a fan. A water channel is placed on the upper layer of the hollow brick to cool the water and reduce the temperature of 2.8-5.5°C. It can also be used to spin the water droplets out of the fine mist to cool the air. The rotating disk can be laid flat and straight. The water is sprayed from the hub and turns into a very fine mist with high speed rotation. In general, a corridor is built on both sides of the house, and the walls of the corridor are coated with 3%-4% silicone fluid to form a waterproof layer. The rotating plate is near the air inlet, and the fine mist sprayed flows into the air. In the house, the temperature inside the house can be reduced by about 9°C.

4. Chicken body heat. Spray heat can be used to install a row of water pipes on the upper part of the house or on the cage body, and a nozzle should be installed every 2-3m, but it must have enough water pressure, at least 275-350kPa, to spray well. When using spray cooling, there should be sufficient ventilation, otherwise the humidity in the house is too large, which is not conducive to the distribution of chicken latent heat. Can also be water cooling, in the high temperature, poor heat insulation, when there is no other cooling equipment, can be installed in the chicken house a few taps and rubber hose, top fixed porous nozzle. When the chicken house temperature exceeds 35°C, when the chickens are wheezing, sprinkle with water, especially the head of the chicken. Because the crown of the chicken's head is completely exposed, it is easy to dissipate heat when the water evaporates, so that the chicken's head can be cooled. Breathing tends to be gentle, reducing the risk of heat fainting in chickens. This emergency cooling method should not be used for thick grazing or high bed sheds.

5. Supply nutrition. In high-temperature environments, the feed intake of chickens will drop sharply, at least by 10%-15%. For example, if the daily metabolic energy level of laying hens falls below 1092kJ, the egg production may decrease significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the concentration of the diet according to the feed intake of the flock so that the feed intake of the chicken can be as small as 1092-1134 kJ. In this way, the chicken will not produce too much heat but will maintain a high level of egg production.

In addition, in the high-temperature environment, the calcium in the diet can be increased to 4%, and sulfur-containing amino acids should not be lower than 0.05%. This will help maintain proper egg production and egg weight.

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