Use five tractors in winter

First, the use of diesel oil off the tractor, generally divided into: a 10,0,10,20,30, the number is the freezing point of the temperature, diesel wax, generally in the freezing point above 7 degrees, There is waxy precipitation and poor fluidity, so when choosing diesel, the freezing point should be lower than the local temperature of 5-10 degrees. In winter, the oil has a high viscosity, which makes it difficult to lubricate and start. Therefore, the #8 oil should be replaced. The oil in the gearbox and rear axle shall be replaced with No. 11 oil or replaced with No. 20 gear oil.
Second, start off before starting the engine to fully warm up the body, repeatedly add people, release hot water below 90 degrees, until the release of water reaches 30 degrees, then add more than 90 degrees of hot water before they can start. The first time you can not add boiling water, so as not to be cracked due to sudden body heat. While warming up the body, the oil in the oil pan released after parking should be heated with charcoal or hot water and then injected into the oil pan, and the crankshaft should be cranked a few times to pump the oil to various moving surfaces. Then start, if forced heating without preheating water heating, or adding water after starting the fire, will cause the sudden increase in the temperature of the piston, cylinder liner caused by pulling cylinder, may also join the cold water after the crack cylinder head. If you start with a tractor or a slope, it may cause damage to the clutch and transmission gear. Electric start, the time of each start shall not exceed 5 seconds.
Third, antifreeze off due to the engine cooling system to 0 degrees below the water to ice. After the water freezes, it will freeze the radiator, tank, body and cylinder head. Therefore, when the weather is cold, the water in the tank must be drained to avoid freezing the engine.
Fourth, safety off the engine should be idle after starting a few minutes, and to cover the tank insulation curtain, so that the water temperature is 40 degrees higher, the oil pressure can only start after normal, when the water temperature reaches 70 degrees or more can be carried out load operation. When driving in winter, special attention should be paid to safety. The clutch, steering system and braking system must be adjusted correctly, flexible and reliable, and have good lighting and signal devices.
V. Maintenance Before entering winter, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive maintenance on the tractor. Thorough descaling, cleaning, adjustment and lubrication shall be performed on all parts of the tractor. The “three links and four leakages” shall be achieved (ie, oil passage and water passage , circuit, no oil, water, gas, electricity), a good engine start.

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