Battery extrusion, needle punching machine technical parameters

First , use: through the extrusion, acupuncture test to verify the safety performance of the battery, after the test, the battery should not ignite, not explode;

    It is an indispensable testing equipment for battery manufacturers and research institutes.

Second , the principle:

1. Extrusion test: the test battery is squeezed in two planes, through the vise or the diameter of the piston 32mm The hydraulic arm applies a pressing force of about 13KN , and the pressing continues until the pressure gauge on the hydraulic pressure gauge reaches 17 MPa. Once the large pressure is reached, the extrusion is released.

2 , acupuncture test: the test should be carried out at an ambient temperature of 20 °C ± 5 °C, the battery with the thermocouple (the contact of the thermocouple is fixed on the large surface of the battery) in the fume hood, with a straight 胫 3mm Non-corrosive steel needle 20mm /s -40mm The speed of /s pierces the center of the large surface of the battery zui and remains 1min

Third, according to the standard: GB / T -18287-2000; YD / T -1268 .1 -2003; SJ-11169-1998; GB / 8897.4-2002; IEC60086-4: 2000; GB / T2900.11-1988; IEC60086 -4:2000 ; eqv UL 1642:1995 and other test methods.

Fourth, technology   Operation   Reference   Number :

     Model: BE-3045

1 . Control methods and features   :   Controlled by BE-3815 , its features can retain large values ​​of zui, can store 12 sets of test values, and have a delay function.

2 . Zui   Big   Pressure   force   :   1500N ~15 KN (adjustable)

3. Hydraulic piston diameter is :   32mm

4 . Φ 2mm ~ φ 8mm High temperature resistant steel needle (steel needle, tungsten needle) can be exchanged

5 . Take 10~ 40mm /s speed (adjustable), from the direction perpendicular to the battery plate through the battery, stop ( 1min~6hour ) automatically pull out from the battery, easy to remove and easy to install

6 . Display pressure accuracy :   ± 0.5 Kg

7 . Zui big test space :   20 X 20 X 15 CM ( adjustable )

8 . Make   use   Electricity   Pressure   :   220V ± 10%   50HZ

9 . Explosion-proof box size   :   1300X600X 800mm (HXDXW)

10 . Explosion-proof box requirements       :   Four universal pulleys underneath , free to move

11 . Explosion-proof purpose        :   Prevent battery explosion and injury to people and things around .

Food Grade Poly-Y-Glutamic Acid is often used as a food additive and flavour enhancer in the form of its sodium salt, monosodium glutamate.

1. Poly Glutamic Acid has been implicated in epileptic seizures. Microinjection of glutamic acid into neurons produces spontaneous depolarisations around one apart, and this firing pattern is similar to what is known as in epileptic attacks.

2. Free glutamic acid is present in a wide variety of foods, including and and is responsible for one of the five basic tastes of the human sense of taste.

3. All meats, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, as well as are excellent sources of glutamic acid. Some protein-rich plant foods also serve as sources.

4. Auxigro is a plant growth preparation that contains 30% glutamic acid.



1.Food industry:

as thickener for foods & drinks, improves taste of drinks, stabilizer in ice creams, texture enhancer, binder, animal feed supplement, antifreezing agent or cryoprotectant, bitterness relieving agent, as an additive in preparation of starch foods (bakery & noodles) for avoiding staling, enhancing food texture and maintaining food shapes.

2.Health Care:

Facilitates calcium absorption in osteoporosis cases.

3.Medical treatment:

Drug release carrier, a haemostatic agent, soft tissue augmentation

Food Grade Poly-γ-glutamic Acid

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