How to treat vegetables with hot storms

Hot summer rain is very harmful to vegetables. After the rainstorm, the stems and leaves of vegetables often adhere to some soil, and the stomata on the leaves are blocked, which greatly affects the respiration, transpiration and photosynthesis of the leaves. Heavy rain can also cause vegetable planters to collapse, stems and leaves broken, soil leaching of fertilizer waste, soil compaction, weakened resistance of vegetables, causing disease occurrence and spread, causing heavy losses to vegetable farmers. In order to reduce losses and increase income, the following methods can be used for timely treatment.

1, timely drainage in addition to stains. Drain the water immediately after the rain to prevent the suffocation of vegetables caused by water accumulation and waterlogging, and avoid vegetables from being stopped early.

2, timely splashing water or cold well water. When the storm is over, artificial watering should be performed immediately to flush the leaves. Where there is a well, it is best to use sprinkler irrigation with well water to wash the soil adhering to the stems and leaves.

3, timely correct vegetable strains. After washing the soil adhering to the stems and leaves, it is also necessary to straighten the fallen vegetables, reduce the phenomenon of mutual extrusion, and properly root the roots. This will help restore the normal growth of the vegetables.

4, timely spraying foliar fertilizer. After the heavy rain, the ability of vegetable roots to absorb water and fertilizers is poor. In this case, foliar fertilizer should be sprayed in time. Generally, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate +1% urea can be used, which can quickly restore vegetables to vitality.

5, timely sprinkle grass ash. Appropriate vegetation ash can absorb water, reduce soil moisture, increase nutrients, improve the environment, and prevent disease, convenient sources in rural areas should be promptly applied.

6, timely cultivation of loose soil. After the rain, the soil is compacted, and when the soil is a little dry, cultivating tillage is performed to improve the soil structure and enhance the vitality of the root system.

7, timely prevention and pest control. After a hot storm, the field temperature is high, the humidity is high, the plant resistance is weak, and pests and diseases are easily caused. Therefore, spraying and protection should be promptly applied. The pesticide can be used in carbendazim + enemies or chlorothalonil + kung fu and other broad-spectrum pollution-free types. Pay attention to the safety interval

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