Poorly growing loofah should be picked up early

Topping is an important task in the management of loofah, which is directly related to the level of loofah production.

Usually in the main vine gourd 13 to 15 leaves, plant height of about 160 cm began to stay melon, picking the heart, after leaving every 3 leaves a melon topping. Under normal circumstances, this is feasible, but it is not suitable for the growth of weak loofah after planting.

The weakly growing loofahs are picked in accordance with the usual methods, and it is easy to see “empty melons” after harvesting 3-4 melons. After 3-4 melons are harvested, the vines become weak, which is not conducive to normal loofahs. melon. Therefore, for the weak growth of gourd, it is better to pick up the vines early in the empty season, so that the stem vine thick, enhance the capacity of the loofah continuous Guagua to prevent the emergence of "empty melon" phenomenon. The author proposes that when the loofah main vines have 11 to 12 leaves, when the nutrient is growing vigorously, topping the heart, breaking the traditional practice of picking the melon and then topping the heart, consciously promote the growth of the vine. After topping, the collateral germination was slow, and the stalks were thick and full due to nutrient accumulation. Later, the collateral germination can begin to retain melons, leaving 1 melon per 2 leaves, and there will be no "empty melon" phenomenon.


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