Tibetan mastiff matching method

In order to promote the breeding, purification and quality improvement of Tibetan Mastiff, it is not enough to emphasize only the selection of Tibetan Mastiff, and attention must be paid to strengthening the breeding of Tibetan Mastiff. However, it is not the natural mating of Tibetan mastiffs in the country of origin. It is the purposeful and meaningful selection of male and female dogs that have certain characteristics in trait performance, performance characteristics, and even kinship.

Hierarchical matching refers to grading the male and female dogs according to the comprehensive assessment criteria of the Tibetan mastiff. After determining the rank of the male and female dogs, the pairing or mating of the male and female dogs is determined. Normally, male dogs should be rated higher than female dogs, and each generation of master dogs should achieve special grades of no less than one grade. Individuals with unique properties or characteristics of female dogs can tolerate level two. The level of male dogs is graded according to special grade or grade 1, because the male dogs have a large influence.

The significance of maintaining pedigree and maintaining pedigree is to maintain different dog types characterized by ancestry. According to the survey, Tibetan mastiffs have six basic coat colors, and each has its own characteristics in terms of head shape, mouth shape, tail shape, coat distribution, and temperament grade. Selecting male and female mating by pedigree can effectively bring together the traits and characteristics of male and female males and females of different pedigrees, creating ideal individuals of Tibetan mastiffs, and also stabilizing the excellent performance and characteristics possessed by each breed of Tibetan mastiff. keep it up.

Quality Match This mating method is based on the quality of the male and female dogs to decide whether to mate. That is, individuals who are identical or different in trait performance, performance characteristics, temperament performance, and fitness-related traits are selected for mating. According to the performances of body and appearance, body appearance, body size, body size and coat color, male and female can be homogenously mated, and sometimes can be mated; sometimes they can be homogenous and heterogenous, or they can be heterozygous. The traits are homogenous and the other traits are heterogeneous. There are at least six pairs of alleles at the same locus that determine the color of the chromosomes. There are different relations among these alleles, such as dominant, equal dominant, and no dominant.

For example, a black dog mates with a red-brown bitch. Offspring are black, red-brown, and chocolate, showing no significant inheritance. If a reddish-brown male and black female dog are mated, that is, they are backcrossed, in addition to the appearance of black and red-brown puppies in the offspring, there will be wolf-blue individuals. In addition to pure black and brown-colored dogs, other red-brown and apricot-yellow Tibetan mastiffs showed grayish-white lanus with different degrees of coloration at the young stage. About 3 months of age, the fetal hair gradually receded and began to appear yellow or red-brown. The most important part of judging the future color of full-term puppies is the color behind the ears.

According to the color of the hair behind the ear can determine the color of life. The four-colored coat with the highest percentage of Tibetan mastiffs, although born, has a size and depth of color. The standard four-eye color should be large and round, with neat and clear spots. The color is best in red, yellow is better, and white eyes are worse.

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