Agaricus mushrooming obstacles and solutions

Hysteresis length after sowing

After inoculation, mycelium growth was poor, indicating that the strains did not germinate or eat. The mycelium grew only on the material surface or atrophy occurred. The main reasons are: improper temperature and humidity inside the mushroom house and poor ventilation. Solution: When the temperature inside the mushroom room is high, take cooling measures to reach 22°C-25°C; if the cultivation material is dry, spray 0.3% superphosphate or potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution in time; If the surface is too wet, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation of the mushroom house; if there is ammonia smell in the mushroom house, it is necessary to increase the amount of ventilation and poke holes in the material surface to eliminate ammonia gas.

2. The hypha is long after covering the soil

After sowing, the mycelium grows too profusely, and the material surface forms a dense layer of impervious and airtight “bacterial quilt”, which is mainly caused by high temperature and high humidity. Solution: When the mycelium grows out of the cover layer, the ventilation of the mushroom house is enhanced, and the temperature and humidity in the mushroom house are reduced. When the temperature is low in the morning and in the evening, the material surface is sprayed in an appropriate amount. When the hyphae “coat”, the knives or bamboo pieces are used for timely removal. .

3. Degradation of soil hyphae

After 3-5 days of soiling, the hyphae did not appear on the soil, and was pale and thin. In severe cases, no hyphae or blackness was observed on the material surface. It is mainly caused by excessive spraying of water after covering the soil, causing mycelial hypoxia to shrink. Solution: Stop spraying and increase ventilation.

Dead mushroom

The fruiting period becomes a piece or the whole mushroom grows wilting and turns yellow and stops growing. The main reasons are: excessive temperature, resulting in back flow of mushroom nutrition; mycelium growth is too fast, dense mushroom, nutrient supply is not; mushroom house carbon dioxide content is too high, oxygen is insufficient; mushroom shed temperature is higher (more than 20 °C ), Wet fertility is too large (more than 95%), ventilation is not timely after water spray, mushroom bed water shortage. The solution: appropriate amount of inoculation, to avoid excessive growth of mycelium, fruiting too dense, resulting in lack of nutrients; soil moisture content of the cover should not be too high, after the cooling water spray to promptly ventilated, to avoid the water surface of the mushroom bed.

5. Hollow White Mushroom

Mushroom stalk becomes loose and white, so that the contraction is hollow. The main reasons are: the growth stage of fruiting bodies, air drying (humidity below 85%) and high temperature (above 18°C). The solution is: spraying in time during the day to keep the relative humidity of the air at 90%, timely ventilation after spraying the water sooner or later, keeping the temperature inside the mushroom shed at 14°C-18°C.

6. Hard open umbrella

The mushroom cover opened prematurely and caused poor commercial quality. The main reason: the early fruiting suddenly encountered low temperature, temperature difference, mushroom house humidity is low.

7. Scale mushroom

Cap cracks to form phosphorus. The main reason: the temperature within the mushroom room is less than 14°C, the humidity is less than 80%, and the temperature difference and the wet-dry difference are too large. Solution: Strengthen insulation measures to avoid cold wind attacks.

8. Sub-entity does not differentiate

There are mushroom buds and the fruit body is undifferentiated, no cap and stipe are formed, only one mycelium cluster is formed. The main reason is that there are suitable environmental conditions in the early growth stage of fruiting bodies, and the environmental conditions in the later period are not suitable; improper use of pesticides (such as excessive use of pesticides). The solution method is to control the temperature and humidity of the mushroom house, strengthen the ventilation and ventilation; do a good job in disinfecting the mushroom house and surrounding environment, avoid the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, and use pesticides rationally.

9. Rusty mushroom

After the fruiting body is unearthed, brown rust spots appear on the surface of the cap, affecting the quality of the ellaba mushroom. The main reason: After the water spray is not timely ventilation, mushroom room air wet too much, there is a long time water droplets on the surface of the mushroom body. Solution: Keep the air in the mushroom house fresh, and spray it in a timely manner.

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