Fermentation bed pig raising water treatment method

Pig-raising beds are eco-friendly and have good government subsidy policies. They are the first choice for farmers to get rich quickly. However, some farmers did not do maintenance work, resulting in the phenomenon of water accumulation in the fermentation bed. The presence of water in the fermentation bed will result in non-fermentation, temperature at the end, odor, anaerobic fermentation, etc. Especially in the wet fermentation bed, the humidity of the litter itself will be very large. If there is still water, the fermentation bed will be anaerobic fermentation. Causes the fermentation bed to fail. The golden baby dry fermentation mattress material has low humidity, and proper maintenance will not cause failure of operation. However, the dry-type fermentation bed is not afraid of dryness due to the fear of moisture. Normally, the phenomenon of water accumulation in the fermentation bed should be avoided. So, how can we avoid and eliminate stagnant water?

First, to increase the size of the pens. For example, in order to save costs, many people raise more than the required number of pigs in a very small area, causing a large amount of pig dung and urine to accumulate on the bedding, so that it does not ferment, and even the fermentation becomes odor. If the effect does not change, the odor will change, and the ecological environment will only be out of thin air; therefore, the area should be increased.

Second, clear the wet bedding to remove the wet padding, dry it, then add the dry sawdust to the bed. If the padding is wet, it will be used as a bedding layer, which will not be able to absorb moisture; Therefore, you should use dry sawdust, fresh sawdust and other litter preferably dried in the bed (UV can also be disinfected to prevent skin allergies).

Third, to reduce the rearing density of the pigs in the fermentation bed requirements pig breeding density should not be too high, generally 75 to 150 kilograms of pigs per head of 2 to 2.5 square meters is appropriate, 50 to 75 kilograms of pigs per head of 1.5 to 2.0 square is appropriate, the pig can increase the density appropriately.

Fourth, increase the thickness of litter to ferment for a certain period of time. The litter will become less and thinner, and it is necessary to supplement the litter and the appropriate Fertilizer fermentation bed fermentation agent in time.

Fifth, the phenomenon of adding anti-seepage layer is more common in the south. The groundwater level will cause long-term low-level wetness, and the water will be very serious. A layer of about 30-40 cm can be added above.

Sixth, the bottom of the isolation layer

Seventh, the construction of a fermentation bed with abandoned or perforated cement floors at the bottom of the cement tends to cause water accumulation, and Golden Baby recommends that the farmers discard or punch the concrete floor in the construction of the fermentation bed house to build a pigsty that meets the requirements. The bed will run better and live longer. For details, please contact: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone Toll Free Hotline:

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