Question: Can people lose weight?

The reason why women are always contraceptive failure, repeated abortion, in addition to the lack of correct contraceptive knowledge, many people have a very wrong idea that doing abortion is a matter that does not matter, and therefore do not pay attention to contraception, think that anyway Abortion can not be done, and even some people regard abortion as a special form of contraception, repeated use it anyway!

Even more sensational, some young girls in the "flow of people to lose weight" from the flow of the operating table, the next day continuous exercise, stay up late to chat online, etc., a few days you can light down more than 10 kilograms, this is the most effective way to lose weight . The ideas of these girls are simple and innocent: As long as the weight can be reduced, what novel methods are dare to try.

Vigilance: 5 Misunderstandings of Contraception

1. Frequent use of emergency contraceptives

Many people think that short-acting oral contraceptives need to be in trouble every day, so they often use emergency contraceptives as a remedy after the accident and feel good, so they are frequently used.

However, emergency contraceptives can not be used frequently, because the failure rate is higher than that of short-acting contraceptives, side effects are increased, and ovulation and endometrium are affected. Repeated use in the short term will increase menstrual disorders. Occurrence rate.

2. The same room will not be pregnant during menstruation

But in fact, it's not. Because sometimes women ovulate at the same time as menstruation, or the time of the two is very close.

3. Condoms can be contraceptive before male ejaculation

In fact, this is an extremely risky behavior, but also complained: Why have you been using condoms but will still be pregnant? During sexual excitement, the male genitalia secretes secretions containing a small amount of sperm that flow into the female vagina to cause pregnancy.

4. Eating oral contraceptives will gain weight

The current oral short-acting contraceptives have very low levels of hormones and generally do not cause weight gain. A small number of women may experience a slight increase in body weight, but the increase in weight generally does not exceed 2 kg, and body weight generally declines after drug withdrawal.

5. It is safe to repeat sexual activity between taking the first and second emergency contraception pills

It is not guaranteed that it will never become pregnant. Therefore, it is best to take other contraceptive measures. Moreover, the more effective the use of emergency contraceptives as soon as possible after unprotected sex occurs, the more effective it is.

Choose people to be cautious

Many times, although you are very careful about contraception. The situation of unintended pregnancies still occurs from time to time, and many women continue to experience worries, which harm both health and work. This is often the case in life. Therefore, it is also important to choose a safe and visual painless abortion.

The first impression of the word “people flow” is pain and piercing screams. According to relevant data, most of the women who have undergone abortions are fearful of abortions, and many women even have a resistance to the same room because they are afraid of abortions.

With the development of painless minimally invasive techniques in modern medicine, visual painless abortion has emerged. The visually painless abortion pioneered by Tianjin Metropolitan Hospital has become a frequent word in the latest medical reports. Since this technology can terminate early pregnancy safely, completely, quickly and painlessly, it has undoubtedly become the first choice for patients. It is affectionately called the "green" flow of people by early pregnant women and doctors. Although the concept of "green" people flow is not a formal statement, it reflects the desire of a wide range of gynecologists and patients for a more reasonable abortion. Prior to this, the concept of "green" was oriented to painless, high-level doctors' skills, namely painless abortion. "Visually painless people" incorporates a visual monitoring technology that enables the surgeon to operate under monitoring, fully displaying the internal structure of the uterus in front of the doctor, completely avoiding the curettage due to abortion and abortion, and completely avoiding the flow of people. Vaginal, uterine, and even pelvic infections caused by long periods of vaginal bleeding.

According to visual painless abortion, doctors can do as if they opened their eyes to find someone. They are simple, clear, and free from errors. The technique is characterized by allowing unintended pregnancies to perform surgery in a safe and painless manner. Short-acting intravenous anesthesia is used first. Within 40 seconds, the surgeon enters a sleep state and is monitored within a few minutes under the guidance of visual technology. The surgery was completed completely and there was no discomfort after waking up. The operation of the patient under sleep state greatly eliminates the fear of nervousness and relieves physical and psychological stress. In the visual state, the operation is safer and avoids improper operation. The success rate is very high, avoiding the pain and irritation of the traditional abortion. Sequelae, complications, etc. Visual technology is not only suitable for termination of pregnancy, but also other related diseases such as ovarian cysts, providing a strong scientific basis and guarantee for the diagnosis of gynecologists.

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