Spontaneous miscarriage

For women who have had a history of spontaneous abortion, health care during pregnancy is particularly important. This will directly affect the physical and mental health of pregnant women and the normal development of the fetus. Specifically, the following points should be made:

1, there are laws of life:

Livelihood should be calm, like taking in more fresh air in the morning, proper activities, and 8 hours of sleep every day. If the conditions allow, you can take a nap, neither too lazy (eg, too snoody) nor too lazy (like lifting heavy objects or Climbing insurance, etc.) Yat is lagging, leading to dystocia; labor is deflated, leading to miscarriages. Develop daily habits of bowel movements to ensure smooth bowel movements, but laxatives should be avoided.

2, pay attention to personal hygiene:

Change your clothes and take a bath. However, you should not bath or swim. Pay special attention to the genitals to prevent infection. Clothing should be large and the belt should not be tight. Should wear flat shoes at ordinary times.

3, choose the right diet:

Food should be easy to digest. In particular, choose foods rich in various vitamins and traces of helplessness, such as various vegetables, fruits, beans, eggs, meat and so on. Gastrointestinal Deficiency, careful taste of cold and cool foods, such as mung bean, white fungus, lotus seeds, etc.; constitution Yin Huo-wang who carefully served rooster, beef, dog meat, eel and other products easy to get angry.

There are many therapeutic parties in the private sector that are effective in preventing habitual abortions and threatened abortions. Here are two to introduce to you:

1) 50 grams of lotus seeds and dried longan meat, Wenhuobao Decoction and 100 grams of Chinese yam porridge. Start eating immediately after pregnancy, 1 or 2 times a day, suitable for vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain, waist and leg sore, pale tongue and tongue have a history of habitual abortion.

2) 3 pumpkin pedicles, 6 Lianpeng pedicles, total baking yellow as the end, 3 servings, fire broth delivery, 1 day finish, suitable for fetal movement abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, bright red color, facial after several months of pregnancy Chicks dry, five upset hot, short urine blood heat type of threatened abortion.

4, keep in mind:

Obstetrics and gynecology researchers believe that spontaneous abortion is caused by hyperactivity of the subcortical central nervous system in pregnant women. Experiments have shown that the functional status of the nervous system plays a decisive role in abortion. Therefore, during pregnancy, the spirit should be comfortable and avoid various irritation. Methods to eliminate tension, boredom, and fear to reconcile emotions.

5. Be careful about sexual intercourse:

For pregnant women with a spontaneous abortion, within three months of pregnancy, sexual intercourse should be avoided after seven months. Habitual abortion should be strictly prohibited during this period.

6, regular prenatal check:

In mid-pregnancy, antenatal checkups should be started on a regular basis so that doctors can detect and deal with abnormal conditions in a timely manner and can guide pregnancy care.

It is worth reminding that women who have had a history of spontaneous abortion or habitual abortion should go to the obstetrics and gynecology department to find out about related diseases, especially gynecological diseases, before they become pregnant. If abortion occurs after pregnancy, such as vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain, etc. should seek medical attention.

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