Which is the healthier milk PK yogurt?

We all know that "milk" is very important to the human body. From birth to adulthood, dairy products can provide us with a lot of energy needed by our body. Especially women prefer yoghurt, not only beauty but also weight loss, who will not love it? But in the end, what is better with fresh milk and plain yogurt?

First, which is more nutritious yogurt and milk

Heat: Yogurt is slightly hotter than milk because yogurt adds 7% sugar. The full-calorie sugar yogurt has a calorie of 240 kcal/100 g and a full-fat sugar-free yogurt 190 kcal/100 g.

Nutrition: The difference between yoghurt and milk is not great and it is the best source of calcium. Yogurt drink milk is also a good source of protein, vitamin AD and vitamin B family.

Health care: In terms of health effects, yogurt is better. Yogurt has the function of regulating immunity, preventing intestinal infectious diseases, and improving gastrointestinal function. It is a world recognized health food.

Weight loss: Both are good for satiety. A glass of milk or yoghurt can alleviate the urgent appetite effectively and reduce the amount of meals for the next meal. However, there is no weight loss after a meal.

Is yogurt or milk good? After discussions by numerous experts, it seems that there has been a conclusion. The raw material of yoghurt is milk. Fresh milk is pasteurized and then added with beneficial lactic acid bacteria. After fermentation, it is made into fermented dairy products. After such processing, it not only promotes the body's digestion and absorption of nutrients in milk, but also has good health care functions.

Second, how to drink yogurt before science?

If everything is too far, excessive yogurt will cause some damage to the gastrointestinal tract, requiring special attention. Lactic acid bacteria will produce antibiotics, which can inhibit many bacteria, but at the same time it also destroys the beneficial bacteria inside the human body. If drinking yogurt in large quantities for a long time, it will affect the perfection of the body's own system, may interfere with normal digestive function, and may cause disturbances to people with gastroenteritis. More disadvantageous.

Yogurt drinks do not equal yogurt

Nowadays there are a lot of lactic acid drinks on the market that are known as "yogurt drinks," but the so-called yoghurt drinks have a big gap with the nutritional value of yogurt. The essence of yogurt is milk, and the nature of yogurt drinks is that of powder, sugar. Preparation of lactic acid or citric acid, malic acid, spices and preservatives. The most important thing in yoghurt is lactic acid bacteria, which can decompose substances that are beneficial to the human body, can promote nutrient absorption and regulate gastrointestinal function. However, only lactic acid is commonly found in yogurt drinks, and it is impossible to exert the functions of lactic acid bacteria. The protein content of the two is also very different. Yogurt is about 2.7% to 2.9%. Yogurt drinks are less than 1%. Drink yoghurt drinks and it is not positive for supplementing human nutrition.

Tips: Tips for yogurt

1. It is best to drink yoghurt for 2 hours after a meal. At this time, the alkaline level of gastric juice rises, which is suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria;

2, do not drink milk on an empty stomach, fasting acidic stomach juice, lactic acid bacteria will be killed;

3, yogurt should be stored frozen, and can not be stored too long, the best in 7 days;

4, can not be heated. After taking out from the refrigerator, it can be placed for an hour or two;

5, remember to rinse after drinking, so as not to cavities.

Third, how to drink milk before science?

Although milk is very nutritious, but not everyone is suitable for drinking milk, perhaps you have heard a term: lactose intolerance. Lactose is a sugar contained in milk that must be digested by lactase to be absorbed. Lactase-deficient people, lactose in milk can not be completely absorbed and retained in the intestine, resulting in lesions. Mild symptoms are not obvious, heavier persons may have abdominal distention, bowel, exhaust, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Tips: Milk Tips

1. It is not advisable to drink milk in the morning with an empty stomach. Because fasting gastrointestinal motility when the human body fast, milk nutrients are often too late to be absorbed into the large intestine. In addition, the method of drinking large amounts of milk is not enough, because it will reduce the chance of mixing with saliva in the mouth and is not conducive to digestion and absorption. Before you drink milk, it is best to eat biscuits, pastries, etc., or to drink milk while eating.

2, drink milk at night is more favorable. Scientific research has found that the calcium metabolism in the human body has a special law: At night, especially at midnight, there will be a “low valley” in the plasma calcium content, forcing the body to replenish calcium in part of the bone through regulating mechanisms. In this way, although the calcium in the blood is temporarily maintained, the calcium in the bone is reduced. Milk is rich in calcium, so a cup of milk before going to sleep can compensate for the body's need for calcium at night.

3, milk should not be sugar boiled. Milk is rich in amino acids. Under high temperature conditions, Maillard reacts with lysine in milk and produces a new compound, fructosyl amino acid. This substance can not only be digested and absorbed by the human body, but it will affect human health. Milk is best consumed freshly. If it is too cold, it can be heated.

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