Precautions for the use of farmyard manure (manure)

Excrement is an important farm fertilizer, containing more nitrogen, fast fertilizer effect, also known as fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer, applied to the soil is quickly absorbed by plants, many vegetable farmers, fruit farmers friends like to use human waste, livestock and poultry manure And other manure. As a basic fertilizer, manure is a kind of organic fertilizer, which has full nutrition and can improve the soil. As a result of fertilization, due to the low ground temperature of the greenhouse in winter and spring or the ground temperature has not risen to a suitable temperature range for vegetable growth, vegetable farmers are afraid to use chemical fertilizers. , And is accustomed to flush manure, or even directly to the soil flushing fresh manure. This practice is worth improving. In the actual cultivation of vegetables, the following points must be paid attention to the application of manure;

First, manure should be cooked

Even if some manure has been stacked or dried for several months, it does not necessarily mean complete decomposing, but the moisture content is reduced. The incomplete decomposition of manure causes the following problems:

Burning roots: The manure is applied to the soil. After the vegetables are planted, as the water is poured, the incompletely decomposed manure gradually decomposes and releases a certain amount of heat, thereby causing root burning or burning of the seedlings.

2, pests: feces often contain a variety of intestinal pathogens and parasite eggs, is an important way to spread the disease. After application of manure, due to incomplete decomposing, insect damage may be increased, such as more chicken lice in chicken manure.

3. Gas damage: Manure that has not been completely decomposed will be gradually fermented and decomposed in the soil. It will gradually release some harmful gases such as ammonia gas or sulfur dioxide or hydrogen disulfide. If such harmful gas is too high, or due to the cold weather, it will release air. If it is not timely, harmful gases will accumulate in the shed, affecting the normal growth of vegetables and prone to gas damage.

Second, the quality of some manure is poor

Some manure is added with a certain amount of fire alkali, which can make one man's manure expand to one and a half. The “spent” manure seems to have an increase in size, but after this manure is applied to the soil, it will not only cause burning of roots. It will also destroy the soil and cause adverse consequences for vegetable production. There are individual dealers' chicken droppings that are fakes with dirty chicken feathers or adulterated inferior fertilizers.

Third, it is recommended that vegetable farmers make sure that manure is fully fermented before using manure

Adding fermentative agent to manure can quickly ferment and completely decompose livestock manure. Fermented manure is odorless, organic matter content is high, nutrition is comprehensive, and roots are not burned in the ground. The beneficial microorganisms in the fertilizers fermented with biological agents can form dominant bacteria in the rhizosphere soil of the crop, inhibit the growth and reproduction of other harmful pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce the chances of harmful microorganisms. Second, microorganisms can secrete metabolites during growth and reproduction, increase the ability of crops to resist adverse environments, and enhance crop disease resistance. The use of bio-fermentation to ferment organic fertilizers is simple and not only cost-effective, but also the quality of organic fertilizers after fermentation is comparable to that of organic fertilizers sold on the market, which can be applied to the fields to achieve very good results.

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