YZ-I pellet (granule) filling machine

Pellet (granule) filling machine

This machine is a newly developed volumetric filling equipment of our company. It is mainly used for the bottling process of single solids such as pellets and granules. It can be used in stand-alone or in production lines. Can be widely used in medicine, food, chemical, food and other industries, especially suitable for filling pills with a diameter of less than 3 mm.

First, the working principle of the pellet (granule) filling machine

The material is automatically sucked into the hopper by the vacuum suction machine, and is poured into the container through the rotary metering chamber. The metering chamber can be precisely adjusted according to the specific gravity of the material, and the weight dose requirement is indirectly achieved.

Second, the technical characteristics of the pellet (granule) filling machine

1. Wide range of loading, accurate measurement and convenient adjustment. 2. Simple structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance and reliable work. 3, high degree of automation, with storage control and online adjustment. 4. All are made of high quality stainless steel and meet GMP requirements.

Third, the pellets (granules) filling machine technical parameters

1. Single bottle capacity: 5-120g 2. Production capacity: 40-120 bottles/min 3. Scope of application: solid preparations such as pellets, pellets and granules. 4. Power supply voltage: three-phase AC 380V 5. Total power: 0.75KW 6. Dimensions: 2300×1000×1200mm (length×width×height) 7. Weight: 100kg Our company also provides products matching with this machine: ★ ZP -II type high speed automatic pill, tablet, soft (hard) capsule counting bottling and packaging production line ★ ZW (WZ) vertical and horizontal series of traditional Chinese medicine automatic pilling machine ★ XH-300 high efficiency powerful planetary mixer ★ HF- Type I self-mixing high-efficiency powder mixing machine ★ WGM-I type microwave pill drying and sterilizing machine ★ XW-I type centrifugal automatic ball-selecting machine ★ SWJ-I type drum type automatic screening machine

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