Reproduction of chandelier flowers

Breeding methods: not strong after flowering. The main use of cutting propagation breeding. The season of cuttings can be carried out in the spring, summer, and autumn seasons, except for the low temperature in winter. However, it is most suitable from March to May. At this time, the cutting seedlings can be planted in the following year. Both old shoots and shoots can be used as propagating materials, but the rate of seedling emergence from 1 to 2 years old is the highest. The cuttings are cut to a length of about 10 centimeters. They can be inserted into the sand bed or vermiculite bed without any treatment after being cut. They are often moisturized, and they can grow hairy roots in about 1 month. Generally, the survival rate can reach 80% or more. When the cuttings are rooted with 3 to 5 roots and the root length is about 3 cm, they can be transplanted into nursery land to be planted. Pay attention to watering and moisturizing. Manage according to conventional methods for raising seedlings.

Cultivation Management: The chandelier has high lightness, light shade resistance, high temperature, high humidity, and strong heat, but it does not tolerate low temperatures. When the temperature is below 18°C, it grows slowly, and when the temperature is below 12°C, growth stagnates. For several days at a low temperature of around 5°C, twigs are cold. Seedling bogey frost, suitable for cultivation in the area south of the Tropic of Cancer. The requirements for soil fertility are not very demanding. Generally clays or loams with medium fertility are suitable for growth. Poor dry soils have poor growth. More resistant to water and moisture, the general poor drainage can normally grow, but not long-term waterlogging. Strong resistance, few diseases and insect pests, occasional cotton shoots harm the shoots, can be sprayed with dimethoate and other pesticides, cultivation and management easier.

Potted chandelier flowers are changed every spring, and rot leaf soil is added and trimmed to allow more sprouting branches. During the growing season, fertilize once every half month. In summer, the soil is kept moist and sunlight is common, but it is necessary to prevent sun exposure and spray water on the leaves sooner or later. When the weather turns cold in autumn, it should be moved into the room, stop fertilizing, control watering, and maintain ventilation.

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