What should be paid attention to when pigs transfer bars

For a large-scale intensive pig farm, each worker has to walk 2.5 kilometers on each normal working day, spend at least 30% of the time dealing with the pigs, and rush to the pigs. Many pig houses are now designed to be precise and reasonable, including gates, partitions, partitions, etc. However, once the gates are opened for pigs, a small pig board is not wide enough to stop the aisles. It is difficult to put 10 -20 pigs with a body weight of 100 kg successfully transitioned. The pigs kept in the same column have been together for a long time, familiar with each other and feel safe. For them, the bar and the barker mean the entire world. At the time of the listing, it was difficult for them to suddenly go out of the hurdles and pass through strange corridors and turning corners until they got out of the pigshed. The imperfections of the pig-raising facilities will directly lead to the madness of the breeder and the abuse of the pigs. The following are some ways to catch pigs correctly: 1 Do not give the pigs that have been rushed the right to choose the direction; 2 When catching pigs, always bring pigs to board with a 1-meter-wide aisle, and build solid walls on both sides; 4 If a person rushes, they only catch a small amount of pigs, 3-5 heads at a time; 5 Do a preparatory work before catching pigs, such as gates, baffles, etc.: 6 Do not try to catch the pigs through obstacles such as wetlands, Sunshine zone, frozen zone; 7 Design should be as correct and reasonable as possible, such as boar breeding area, sow breeding area, selection of pig room, catching pig. Damage to the breeding area is a very important part because the entire production starts here. First of all, it is necessary to increase the pig-raising efficiency in the breeding area so that the breeders can concentrate their time and energy on breeding instead of wasting time to drive the sows. In order to better control the flow of pigs, the width of the aisles must be the same, the gates should be set on both sides of the switch, and the four corners of the limit column should be classified by the chain of pigs. This is a nerve-wracking task for everyone. In fact, especially when only half of the pigs in the column are to be driven out, or only part of the pigs are to be driven out, they have to have two talents, one standing in front of the bar, controlling the opening of the door, and the other picking up the pigs' board, each catching a slaughter. Before the pigs are rushed, they must mark the pigs that are driven out. When all pigs are driven out of a small field, they can be driven by a manipulative pig with a large area of ​​pigshed. It is more difficult to catch pigs in large hurdles. Take care not to leave one or two pigs at the end, otherwise it is almost impossible to drive them to the corridor. Of course, the best way to catch pigs and classify them is to have a middle office. And it is very easy for pigs to show off all the breeding houses. This includes a temporary transfer swish, runway, plus floor scale and observation column, and separate doors leading to different columns so that a group of pigs can be divided into different groups at once. Types of. The pigs should be at least 100 meters away from the shed. It is best to have a transit bar so that the pigs can be brought here earlier before the pigs arrive. Even if the pigs are loaded, they will not be able to come back. Go straight back to the bar.

Collagen is a triple helical protein which can be considered as the bio-glue inside our body; in fact, animal glue can be obtained by boiling the animal skin.  Collagen, a major component of connective tissues, exits in the extracellular space of these tissues which are the key reinforcing and bonding materials for all tissues and organs throughout our body, forming rigid structures as such bone, semi-rigid tissues such as cartilage, or soft tissues such as muscle, tendon, skin, ligaments, and cell membranes, etc.  There are different forms (fibrillar and non- fibrillar) and types of collagens in the body; Type 1 being the major type constitutes over 90% in our body and is the major component in skin, tendon, vascular ligature, organs, bone (main component of the organic part of bone).   Because collagen is an essential building material of all tissues and organs, it has many medical uses, such as in cardiac (hear) applications, cosmetic surgery, bone grafts, tissue regeneration, reconstructive surgical uses, and wound healing care.   


Collagen is created inside fibroblast cells, and this process is needed to support the creation and repair of the body`s connective tissues.  However, the biological process starts to breakdown when we are aging, normally after we reach the age of late 20s or early 30s.  Because collagen from natural sources such as animal, fish scales or plant contain essentially the same amino acid compositions (glycine, proline, alanine, hydroxyproline, glutamic acid, arginine, aspartic acid, serine, lysine, leucine, valine, threonine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, etc.) as human collagen, supplement the body with the natural collagen, either by dermal application or through oral ingestion, can help rejuvenate collagen creation process to support the repairing of aging connective tissues in our body, particularly those in our skin, and to reverse or slow down the aging process for a more youthful appearance.



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