Eat the most calcium with fish and tofu

Fish and tofu are foods that people like daily. It has been found that the combination of the two can not only have the function of complementing each other, but also have certain preventive and curative effects.

In terms of nutrients, fish and tofu have their own characteristics: Fish is an “intensive” nutrient, and its protein content is as high as 17.3%. Phosphorus, calcium, iron, fat, vitamin D and other nutrients are also abundant. Tofu serves as a food with both food and medicine. It has many functions such as Qi and tonic, and it has a very high calcium content. Studies have shown that the calcium content per 100 grams of tofu is 140 mg - 160 mg.

Why should we eat together? First of all, the protein in fish and tofu is incomplete. The protein of tofu is deficient in methionine and lysine, and these two components are more abundant in fish. The content of protein phenylalanine in fish is less, but the content in tofu is more. The combination of the two can be used to make up.

Second, the fish and tofu eat together, and can play a greater role in the body's absorption of calcium in tofu. Although tofu contains more calcium, but it is not conducive to human body absorption alone, the rich vitamin D in fish has a certain biological activity, the body can increase the absorption rate of calcium more than 20 times. Children who are prone to rickets and women and elderly people who are prone to osteoporosis are good at eating fish and tofu.

In addition, fish contains more unsaturated fatty acids, tofu protein contains a lot of soy isoflavones, both have a cholesterol-lowering effect, eat together for coronary heart disease and cerebral infarction prevention and treatment is very helpful.

There are many ways to eat tofu and fish. Among them, fish head tofu soup is more common, and it is also convenient to do it. When the pot is used, the fish head is fried first, and then the water is added to the tofu to cook together. When cooked, the soup is milky white, thick like fresh milk; tofu is smooth and tender, and it is not greasy. If it is a woman, you can choose to match with squid and tofu, and you can also play a role in beauty. In case of braised squid, you can choose squid.

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