Soybean seed comprehensive storage technology

Soybean seeds contain high oil content (17%-22%) and very rich protein (35%-40%), and are easily degraded under the combined effects of high temperature, high humidity, mechanical damage, and microorganisms, affecting the life of the seeds. force. Therefore, when storing soybean seeds, appropriate technical measures must be taken to achieve safe storage. 1 Seed acquisition to achieve "three standards" 1.1 Moisture content should be reduced to safe storage standards The safe storage of soybean seeds is 12% moisture, if more than 13%, there is the risk of mildew. Tests have shown that the moisture content of soybean seeds is greater than 13%, and when the storage temperature reaches 25 degrees Celsius, redness occurs and the seed value is lost. In order to control the moisture content of the soybean seeds, the harvest should normally be harvested when the yellow leaves of the beans fall off and the pods collide with each other when the rattle occurs, and the harvested soybean seeds must be promptly sunk with the pods when the pods dry partially. Further threshing will not only prevent the seed coat from cracking and shrunk, but also be beneficial to the safe collection of soybean seeds; the seed moisture adjustment shall be strictly conducted during the acquisition, and the soybean seeds with non-compliance of water content shall not be acquired, and the special circumstances Must be purchased, it is necessary to put a single inventory, select sunny and breezy weather in time to dry, must not be stored too long. 1.2 Clarity to meet national standards Pest, mildew, peptone, broken kernels, and sundries are hidden dangers for the safe storage of soybean seeds. Therefore, soybean seeds to be acquired must be carefully selected to ensure that the degree of purity meets national standards. 1.3 Warehousing conditions to achieve the target seed warehouse must have strong, moisture-proof, heat insulation, airtight closed properties. Before the seeds are put into the warehouse, the warehouse must be completely cleaned, all mechanical equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and fumigated and disinfected. 2 Pay attention to the “four unreasonable” in the storage of the seed 2.1 When the temperature is high, the soybean seed should not be stored. The soybean seed has high oil content, low thermal conductivity, and it is not easy to cool at high temperatures. In addition, soybean seeds are also rich in protein and are easily degraded under high temperature conditions. Therefore, soybean seeds must be stored at low temperature. In particular, dried soybean seeds must be spread out after cooling before they can be stored in storage. 2.2 Rainy and damp weather should not be put in storage Before the acquisition, scientific arrangements should be made to understand the recent meteorological information, and to take advantage of the sunny and dry weather assault acquisition. No special reason, don't delay the opportunity, so as not to deteriorate the weather. When the weather is wet and damp, purchases are prohibited from entering the warehouse. 2.3 Seeds should not be stored too high storage of soybean seeds. When the temperature is below 15 degrees and the water content is below 12%, stacking height should not exceed 1.5m and bags should be 8 standard sack heights. If one of the temperature or moisture is higher than the above criteria, the stacking height must be reduced accordingly. There must be a reasonable spacing between the concrete wall and the concrete wall and between the concrete wall and the concrete wall. It is necessary to consider air circulation as well as to facilitate the warehouse custody personnel to conduct regular inspections. 2.4 It is not appropriate to store soybean seeds together with chemical fertilizers or pesticides for special storage. Special fertilizers or pesticides, etc. cannot be stacked in the storage tank at the same time to prevent volatile gases from entering the embryos, resulting in the loss of vitality of soybean seeds. 3 Storage management should be done in a “two timely manners.” 3.1 Timely ventilation and new wet harvested soybean seeds should be post-harvest so that a lot of heat will be released. If they are not distributed in time, it will cause fever and mildew in the seeds. . Therefore, when the seeds are in storage for 21-28 days, they must observe the temperature and humidity changes in the library frequently and in a timely manner. If it is found that the temperature is too high or the humidity is too high, it must be immediately ventilated to disperse moisture. If necessary, it is necessary to pour or dump it in order to prevent abnormal conditions such as sweating, mildew, and redness. 3.2 The timely implementation of low-temperature sealed soybean seeds due to high oil content, poor thermal conductivity, and easy to cause redness under high temperature conditions, it should adopt low-temperature sealed storage methods. Generally can be cold winter season, the soybeans will be transferred or warehouse frozen, so that the full decline in seed temperature, and then into the warehouse sealed storage. The cleaned and disinfected grasshoppers or sacks can be used for capping. The glands should be flat, tight and dense. After the seed is stored at a low temperature in a closed state, in addition to regular inspections by the storage custodian, the opening and closing times of the library should be minimized. China Agricultural Network Editor

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