Soil-based control of apple rot

1 garlic smear method. Under the big diseased tree, spread a piece of plastic cloth, and then use a sharp scraping knife to scrape the diseased skin necrotic tissue together with the surrounding 0.5 cm wide healthy skin, and cut the bark around the lesion into a smooth slanting file and scrape it off. The bad organization brought out the orchard and burned it. Then apply a cut wound in the garlic cloves to make it adhere to a layer of garlic mucus, followed by the application of the scraping, smearing should be uniform and thoughtful, rubbed again every 7-8 days, 3-4 times in a row. Practice has proved that the average number of treatments used in this way reaches 97%, and the rate of recurrence in the second year is less than 2. 2 vinegar smear method. With a brush dipped in vinegar, applied to a scraped spot, brushed once every 7-8 days, and even brushed 3-5 times, the cure rate was 96%. 3 Alkali surface wheat stubble smear method. Put 1 part of the alkaline surface into 4 parts of clean water, mix appropriate amount of wheat bran and soil, stir into alkaline wheat bran mud, coat the mound in the scraped diseased part, pack it tightly with plastic cloth, and remove mud after one year. can. 4 saline smear method. Put salt into 25% salt water, put it in a pot and boil it. After cooling, use a brush to brush on the sick scorpion. Apply about 2 centimeters around the applicator area. Scrap a piece of paint. Reapply once a week.

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