Seven kinds of plants can make pesticides

Garlic stems and leaves: Cut the stems and stems of the garlic into 6-7 cm segments and sprinkle them in the early rice field to allow them to rot. Allicin contained in garlic can reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases and reduce the number of spraying pesticides. If you can put the chopped garlic leaf stems in the field before ploughing, it will take longer to prevent and treat pests, and the effect will be better. Ramie leaves: The dried castor leaves are crushed into fine powder, and mixed in a certain proportion of soil miscellaneous fertilizer and spread to the ground to prevent underground pests such as earthworms, earthworms and ground tigers. According to 1 kg of ramie leaf powder, add 16-20 kg of water to soak, and pour with a kettle to treat the onion, leeks, garlic, radish, Chinese cabbage, cabbage worms, and insectivores. The ramie leaf powder can also be made into a leachate and sprinkled into toilets, pig pens, pits, etc., and has a significant effect on killing mosquito larvae and fly maggots. Masson pine: Use 5 kg of masson pine to add 5 kg of boiled water and soak in closed air for 2 hours to filter and spray to prevent rice leafhoppers and rice planthoppers. A 30-fold aqueous extract of pine needles inhibits spore germination of potato immune disease. Platycladus orientalis leaves: crushed, add the same amount of water rubbing, squeeze out the original solution, and then add water to spray twice, can prevent cotton aphid and aphids. Platycladus orientalis leaf 10 times aqueous extract, the effect of prevention and treatment of wheat rust is significant. Weeping willow leaves: The smashed, add water for 3 times soaking for one day or boil for half an hour, filtering and spraying, can control cabbage caterpillar, aphids, aphids and so on. Willow 5 times water extract can inhibit wheat rust. Mulberry leaf: Add 5 times more water, boil the original liquid, add 2 kg of water per 0.5 kg of original liquid, or spray 10 times of mulberry leaves to infuse aphids and spider mites. Mulberry leaf 15 times aqueous extract can inhibit the germination of wheat rust spores. Artemisia oryzae fresh grass: chopped it, added 10 times of fresh water, boiled for half an hour, cooled and sprayed, can control cotton aphid, red spider, cabbage caterpillar. The above soil pesticides can be made into the original liquid, diluted with time, the same effect. China Agricultural Network Editor

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