Tofu fish protein absorption doubled

Tofu fish soup, this traditional dish, although it does not understand its exact origin, but the creamy soup color, attractive scent is enough to allow it to spread for thousands of years! In our country's southern and coastal areas, we all like tofu soup.

Tofu and fish are formally combined with meat and vegetables. Tofu is a plant food and fish is a standard animal food. From the point of view of the production characteristics, the fried fish makes the soup white and rich in flavor. In the process of processing, tofu can absorb part of the fat and make the soup look non-greasy. At the same time, the tofu also absorbs the umami taste of the fish. More delicious and delicious.

Tofu with fish, from the nutritional point of view, can first provide a very high quality protein. Beans are the food with the highest protein content in all foods, up to about 35%. After making tofu, the protein content is about 8%, and the protein content of fish is also high, about 18%. The quality is good for easy digestion and absorption. Although legume proteins are also good quality, compared to the lack of methionine, they are abundant in fish and can therefore improve tofu protein quality. Secondly, the absorption rate of iron contained in soy products is extremely low. When used together with animal food, it can greatly increase its utilization rate. The same calcium absorption rate in tofu has also increased. Third, plant cholesterol in soy products can reduce the absorption of cholesterol contained in fish.

However, attention should also be paid to tofu and fish, both of which are mainly provided with protein. This may present a risk of excessive protein to us who are not short of meat today. Of course, it is also easy to avoid this situation. It is better to eat less meat. In fact, the most important thing to notice is the fat in fish soup. We know that even if the protein is dissolved into the soup, the color will not be white. The main contribution of the milky white color of the soup is derived from fat, and the fat particles fuse with water after repeated heating and boiling, showing a milky white color. One of the principles we can see from the fact that fried fish soup is richer and whiter than soups that have not been fried, because the fat content of the fish itself is not high, and the total amount of fat can be increased when frying fish.

As for the use of oysters in fish soup, because the amount is not much, the usual purpose is to take its aroma with the role of avoidance, the role of nutrition is relatively unimportant. (卞华伟)

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