Prevention and treatment of pear tree claw disease trick

When it comes to yellow-peanut pears, the fruit growers were all headaches. The two big pears in June and July were more than doubled in price because of a bit of chicken claw disease.

The authors observed that the incidence of chicken paw disease differed from branch to branch. There were more tree tops than lower ones, more flat stems than upright stems, more sparse plots than dense ones, and sandy loam more than clay.

For the causes of chicken paw disease, the general farmers also know that mainly calcium deficiency, lack of boron and topdressing nitrogen fertilizer and high temperature effects, but it is the control effect is not good.

In recent years, I have tried many times. The three-acre Huang Guan pear planted in the past three years has fewer incidence than the neighbor's pear. Even last year, in the period of persistent high temperature and large chicken claw disease in the fruit expansion period, my pear was There are also fewer chicken feet.

My experience is early control of nitrogen. After fruit thinning, no watering and no fertilizer before bagging. No watering and fertilization can reduce bagging during this time. After bagging watering and fertilizer, but less nitrogen fertilizer should be applied. Pear fruit expansion in the first and middle period of calcium is the most critical, at least calcium 1 or 2 times. My calcium preparation method is: 150 kg water, 2.5 kg quick lime, 0.75 kg zinc sulfate. Prepared according to the method of preparing Bordeaux mixture. When spraying, the tree may not be sprayed strictly, and the lower part may not be sprayed.

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