There are many problems with raising ducklings

The Linyi reader with the mobile number of 186******75 called to inquire: Many of the ducklings purchased in our village had been raised for three months, but only grew to about 1 kg, and the weight was much less than expected. What is the reason?

In the case of normal feeding and management, the main reason for the slow growth of duck seedlings is the problem of duck seedlings themselves. (1) Impure species. The current excellent duck species include Beijing Duck, Cherry Valley Duck and Di Gao Duck. They are produced by the crossbreeding of several breeds or strains, and their commercial generation is fast growing at an early stage. Generally, the body weight can reach 2.5 to 3 kilograms for 49 to 56 days. However, if its merchandise generation continues to be used as a seed, there will be no strict selection and selection of species, and its descendants will experience degradation or slow development. Therefore, in principle, the current excellent meat duck breed should not be reserved for its commodity generation.

(2) inferior bad ducks. At present, many people in rural areas purchase ducklings from duck traders. If ducklings hatched earlier or later or ducklings that do not meet the requirements of hatching eggs, the survival rate is generally low and it is difficult to raise them.

(3) Dehydrated ducks. The ducklings trafficked by the duck traffickers on a long-distance basis may suffer from lack of care and pay attention to replenishment, causing the ducklings to suffer from lack of water for a long time. When such ducklings are brought back to raise, stunting often occurs.

(4) with sick ducks. There are many ducks that flow in the hands of duck traders. If they do not pay attention to the disinfection of utensils, they can easily cross-infect ducks. Duck traders sell stalls in the streets to sell, and there are many contact persons. This can easily cause ducklings to infect pathogens. Such ducklings will affect growth due to sickness.

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