Winter brush white fruit tree trunk antifreeze pest control benefits

After entering the winter, the trunk of the fruit tree is painted with whitening agent, which can effectively prevent freezing damage and prevent pests from overwintering on the trunk and killing pests and diseases that overwinter on the trunk. Trunk white antifreeze. Frost damage in winter, especially frost, due to the cold air sinking, the trunk bears the brunt of freezing. During production, it was found that during the freezing period, due to the large temperature difference or large amplitude before and after the temperature, the freezing damage is often serious. Because the temperature is higher before the low temperature comes, the dormancy of the fruit tree is shallow, and the ability to resist cold is poor. When the temperature suddenly drops, the tree can't adapt. High temperatures during the day, low temperatures at night, excessive temperature differences between day and night, and frequent frost damage are the same reason. The trunks are white in winter, and they reflect sunlight in sunny days, reduce solar heat absorbed in sunny days, reduce the temperature difference before and after frost damage, and the temperature difference between day and night on trunks, which can prevent or reduce freezing damage.崭獭 崭獭 崭獭 (8) 鸪取(四) 投嗟 嗟 苑 蓝 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 康 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 河 河 河 河 河 河 河 0 kg, sulfur powder 1 kg, salt 0.2 kg, add water 40 kg was evenly mixed into a paste and the trunk was brushed white from late November to late December.
Prevent pests from wintering on the trunk. Lishu, pear, peach, and chestnut trees with a tree age of 10 years or more have many cracked skins and cracks, and they often become wintering sites for many kinds of pests and diseases. Before winter, many pests use spalling bark to lay eggs or pupate. After winter, their larvae, adults, and mycelium and spores of pathogenic bacteria infiltrate into the winter. The split skin and cracked skin become the safest shelter and pest for pests. Dependent body. The brush whitening agent can effectively prevent the pests from spawning and phlegm by using the cracked bark and kill the pests and pathogens attached to the bark, and has the functions of antifreeze and anti-sunburn. For example, the effect of scraping the skin of tree trunks with more than 10 years of age is better before the above-mentioned skins with cracked skin and flaking trees are painted white. Generally from the late November of that year to the middle of February the following year, the old skin on the trunk and main branches is scraped off. Pear trees can be re-scraped, chestnuts and other light scrapes, peaches and plums can cause plastic apricot, should be carefully scraped. The root neck to the main stem should be scraped cleanly within 50 cm, and painted white immediately after shaving. Whitening agent formula: 10 kg of quicklime, 1 kg of salt, 1 kg of lime sulfur stock solution, 40 kg of water; or 5 kg of quick lime, 1.5 kg of sulfur powder, 0.2 kg of edible oil, and 40 kg of water. One of the two formulations can be selected. Prevent disease after freezing. Severe freezing injury?(2) Capture(4) Rolling(10) Wheel 菝鄹痰 劾啵 劾啵 捎诙 笾 笾 笾 菀 洌 洌 馊 馊 屏 屏 屏 屏 (15) 辗 (6) Fashion 鞲 鞲 ? 祝 祝 祝 祝 祝 祝 祝 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊 芊Porcelain 涮 艄猓 艄猓 鞲晌 鞲晌 龋 龋 龋 乐 乐 乐 ? ? ? 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 撇 8 劾嘣诙 劾嘣诙 劾嘣诙 蠖 蠖 鞲 鞲 ? 祝 祝 祝 祝 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 Α 9. Apologetic 芍 ? ? ? ? ? 堪 堪 堪 堪 堪 M 僚 僚 僚 僚 僚 品 品 ǎ ? ? ? ? ? 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千 千

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