How to fully absorb the nutrition of food

At present, many people begin to pay attention to the nutrition in the diet, and even pay attention to the nutritional content of food. However, even though these have been done well, most people find that there has been no relative progress in physical changes. The reason is that what you eat is not absorbed by your body. It is crucial to maximize the effective and effective digestion and absorption of foods. Specifically, the following points should be noted:

1, change the source of protein

The most unbearable bodybuilder is eating the same food every day. First of all, it will cause malnutrition, because any kind of food does not contain complete protein completely. For example, chicken breast is very low in some essential Amino Acids, such as branched chain amino acids, it is to build and maintain muscle circumference. very important. Due to the deficiency of a certain food, it will also affect the absorption of other amino acids, so it will cause decomposition, because you lack some amino acids, so that the body to sacrifice some muscle cells to break down for certain specific essential amino acids.

Not only that, repeated eating habits may cause acquired food allergies. Every time you eat these foods, the body will consider these foods as inappropriate sources of protein rather than nutrition.

Change your diet, and if you get protein from multiple sources, you can avoid any deficiencies and the full use of the protein you ingest.

2, avoid eating at midnight

For some reason, some people eat in large quantities late at night, and this habit can bring you fat. The body's metabolic rate is highest in the morning and in the afternoon, and most of the nutrients are digested and absorbed during this period. And the protein you eat at midnight will affect your sleep quality.

Distribute your food intake so that 75% of your calories are consumed before the evening.

3, eat less meals

This will make it easier for your body to digest and absorb. This way your metabolism will often be active while minimizing the possibility of fat accumulation.

4, the importance of eating on time

About 30 minutes after your training, your body needs about 50-100 grams of sugar. When the body absorbs sugar like a sponge, it is more than twice the normal weight and twice as fast. If it doesn't, your Proteins in the body are converted into sugars to supplement the lost energy.

After 60 to 90 minutes of training, muscle cells will rapidly ingest amino acids. If no protein is taken to make amino acids at this time, the muscles will be broken down to provide the necessary source of amino acids. Therefore, one hour after training should take 20 -40 grams of protein that provides amino acids to muscle tissue for repair and growth.

5, learn to use supplements

Vitamins and minerals are best eaten with three meals a day, as this will reduce stomach discomfort and make it easier to digest and absorb. And it is the best way to take a small number of times. As for amino acids and proteins, they will work better together.

6, cooking food

Because of the different cooking methods, the nutrients in the food will change greatly. Improper methods will reduce the vitamins and minerals in the food and destroy the protein.

Try to eat as soon as possible and cut open the food so as to avoid food dehydration and nutrient decomposition. Vegetables can only be cooked on Microsoft. If you cook, add the minimum amount of water.

7, chewing slowly

Chewing is the most important process before food is digested and digested. Insufficient chewing can reduce digestive efficiency, causing indigestion and flatulence.

Try to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, eat a small mouth, and chews finely.

8, drink water

Most people will feel that they have enough water in their body. This is wrong because the less you drink, the more the body will save every drop of water stored in the body. Water is important for the metabolism of fat, the digestion and absorption of proteins, and the operation of organs. However, drinking too much water during eating can interfere with the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Carbon dioxide-added beverages should be avoided as much as possible with meals. These beverages can dilute and neutralize stomach acid. Other beverages such as coffee may cause the body to excrete some minerals. In short, no drink can be better for you than water.

9, eat natural food

Try to avoid processed and delicate foods, which generally contain large amounts of fat, sugar and sodium, while many vitamins and minerals have also been destroyed.

10, eat fresh fruits and vegetables

The canned beverages sold in the market are all sterilized by heat and processed manually, and their nutritional value is greatly reduced.

Sweetener is a food additive that provides a sweet taste like that of sugar while containing significantly less food energy. Some sugar substitutes are natural and some are synthetic. It allows you to enjoy sweet tasting foods without the extra kilojoules from sugar. It can be beneficial for anyone trying to lose weight and control their sugar intake. Sweetener also does not contribute to tooth decay, as they are not broken down to acid by bacteria in dental plaque.

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