Poultry Breeds - Barbary Muscovy Duck

Muscovy duck is native to South America and is a world-renowned breed of meat-type duck. The Barbary Muscovy Duck was bred by the French Cremo Company. It has a high lean meat percentage, good meat quality and musk. Differences in body weight between male and female ducks were significant. Adult ducks weighed between 4.5 and 5 kg, female ducks between 2.5 and 3 kg. Female ducks were born around the age of 28 weeks, and egg production during the two laying seasons reached 210 eggs. -80 grams. The ducks of commercial ducks are about 10 weeks old and the ducks are about 11 weeks old. The ducks weigh up to 3.65 kg, the mother ducks 2.2 kg, the feed conversion ratio about 2.8:1, the half-net slaughter rate of the male ducks is 81.4%, the total net slaughter rate is 74%, the female ducks are 84.9% and 75%. (Jiangsu Fengda Duck Farm Zhao Xuting)

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