New Rice Variety Examination and Approval ---- Zhong You Zao 13

Zhongyouzao 13 (formerly known as Zaoqin 55) is a conventional early rice variety developed by the Chinese Rice Research Institute and hybridized with Jin70 and Zhongyouza-2. In January 2005, it was approved by the Jiangxi Provincial Crop Variety Approval Committee. Characteristics: The whole growth period was 108.5 days, 0.5 days earlier than the control Zhejiang 733. The variety has a compact plant type, luxuriant growth, light green leaves, long and wide flag leaf, strong tiller force, high spike success rate, multiple spikelets, low seed setting rate, and more miscellaneous plants. The plant height is 83.5 cm, the effective ear is 252,000, the total number of grains per panicle is 102.8, the number of solid grains is 79.8, the seed setting rate is 77.6%, and the grain weight is 24.7 g. The yield rate was 78.1%, the percentage of polished rice was 45.0%, the chalkiness rate was 6.0%, the chalkiness was 1.2%, the amylose content was 16.0%, the gel consistency was 65 mm, the grain length was 6.6 mm, and the aspect ratio was 3.3. The quality of rice is up to level 2. Natural resistance identification of rice blast resistance: Grade 0 of seedling mites, Grade 3 of leaf mites, Grade 0 of panicle-neck defects. Production performance: From 2003 to 2004, they participated in the regional rice experiment in Jiangxi Province. In 2003, the average yield per mu was 440.76 kilograms, which was 1.04% lower than that of the control sorghum No. 53. In 2004, the average yield was 456.41 kilograms, which was 3.60% lower than that of the control Zhe 733. Cultivation Techniques: The seedlings are planted in mid-March and sown in mid-April. Use 5 kg per mu. The age of 28-33 days, the water was transplanted at the end of April, and the floppy seedlings were thrown at the end of April. The variety is more resistant to fertilizer and lodging, full base fertilizer, early application of top dressing, base fertilizer to organic fertilizer, increased phosphorus, potassium fertilizer. During the period of childbirth, the field was controlled in time and the water was sprayed to prevent low temperature during the period of spikelet differentiation, and moist irrigation was used during the later period. Pay attention to the prevention of rice blast, spraying the rice blast once a net time. Suitable for planting throughout Jiangxi Province.

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