Antler Processing Technology

For thousands of years, Chinese traditional medicine has used antler as a kind of tonic and effective blood-enriching medicine for kidney and yang. Modern scientific research further proves that pilose antler has a role in adjusting the body's metabolism, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and improving the body's resistance to disease, promote gastrointestinal secretion, enhance muscle strength, etc. It is a very precious Chinese herbal medicine. Freshly picked fresh pilose antler has high water content and is rich in protein. If it is not processed in time, it will rot and deteriorate and lose health care. The technical level of processing will directly relate to the quality of deer antler and the economic benefits of deer farming. The traditional processing methods mainly use boiling water to boil, and operate in combination with baking in an electric oven. The operation time is long, the labor intensity is high, and the production efficiency is low. In recent years, researchers in China have used modern microwave technology, far-infrared technology, and electronic technology to research and develop new technologies and new equipment that are suitable for processing pilose antler. Some of these technologies have been popularized and applied in deer farms. 1. Microwave and Far Infrared Rays Processing Antler Technology Microwave energy and far infrared heating are characterized by high thermal efficiency, high speed, energy conservation, and easy control. At the same time, due to the long and short wavelengths of microwave energy and far-infrared rays, the water inside the antler and the antler can be rapidly dehydrated, which significantly improves the processing efficiency. (1) Equipment The supporting equipment for this new technology includes refrigerated containers, microwave equipment (including microwave power generators and microwave ovens), smelting equipment, far-infrared drying boxes, and blowers. (2) The processing technology is fresh velvet → Draining blood (with blood velvet seal kerf) → Scrubbing decontamination → Microwave heating leaves Boiled rind skin → Hair cold → Far infrared and microwave energy heating and drying → Backwater → Head → Finished velvet. The fried pilose antler is subjected to microwave heating. Batch processing can be processed each time fresh velvet 10kg-15kg (water content above 60%), or half dry Velvet 20kg-25kg (water content of about 20% -30%). Microwave oven power is 1.6kW-3.0kW, heating 3 times -5 times, each time takes 2min, 3min, cooling time after each heating is 3 times -5 times longer than heating time. When cold, open the door of the microwave oven. 2. Deer antler freeze-drying technology This technology is a method of processing pilose antler that has been boiled once, sublimating the moisture in the antler by vacuum freezing, dehydrating and drying it into a finished velvet. The process is divided into 3 steps. (1) Boil before frying in vacuum and freeze it once. The method is the same as the first boiled water in the conventional processing. (2) Lyophilization First, the velvein is quickly frozen (temperature in the drying cabinet is -30°C to 25°C) for 2 hours, and then the condenser is started (temperature is -28C) to cool for 30 minutes; the vacuum pump shovel is started to end after 5 minutes of box cooling (In this case, the degree of vacuum reaches 400 Pa-533 Pa), while the condenser continues to cool -45 °C - 39 °C. (3) After the heating treatment box is cooled and stopped, it is heated by a heating device (the temperature in the box is set at 1 °C in 10°C increments) to 60°C, and the drying time is about 20-25 hours. Two twigs of flowers are used for their tender quality. The plate temperature rises to about 20°C in 1 h, and it needs to be heated to 65°C. The drying time is 18h to 20h. 3. Dual electronic automatic control far-infrared drying box processing antler technology (1) equipment The new technology supporting equipment has dual electronic automatic control far-infrared drying box and electronic automatic temperature sterilizer. (2) Processing process: fresh velvety blood (with blood velvet seal kerf) → scrub velvet skin → boil with electronic constant temperature sterilizer → cold → double electron far infrared drying → air drying → backwater → double electron Infrared drying bucket dried → boiled head → finished velvet. When processing with blood velvet, generally take 20 to 40 velvet with the same specifications, the first three baking temperature of 75 °C, baking time of 120min-180min, 1 in the morning and afternoon, timely return water, Cool; After the 4th water return, the baking temperature is 75°C, the baking time is about 120min, and 1 time in the morning and afternoon respectively. When the processing row of bloody antler, the baking temperature is 70 °C, each baking time is 45min-60min. The drying box has automatic temperature control, timing and alarm, good moisture discharging performance, convenient operation, and can improve the quality of pilose antler processing. In the event of a fault, it can automatically cool the air. The use of the above new technology to process velvet antler is not only faster than conventional methods, but also has strong dehydration and high efficiency. It also has less damage to the velvet nutrient components. In addition, the sterilizing and inactivating action of microwaves makes the processing and production of pilose antler more safe and sanitary, and the shelf life is prolonged.


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