Issues for Attention when Buying Maize and Rice Hybrid Seeds

Farmers' friends, just after the Spring Festival, the spring plowing and ploughing work has started one after another. In particular, to buy corn and rice hybrid seeds, in order to plant seeds for relief, increase grain production, increase income, and pay attention to the following when purchasing corn and rice mixed seeds. Several questions: First, look at the packaging to see if it meets the national packaging standards. The second is to look at the date of production of the seeds identified on the bags, whether it was produced in the previous year, and pay special attention to the packaging of “the date of production is sealed”. If you do not pay attention, you will buy Chen. Third, regardless of the number of seeds purchased, seed sales must be issued according to seed sales credentials. This is the basic knowledge of buying seeds, and I hope that the majority of farmers' friends will pay attention and safeguard their own interests.

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