Antibacterial drug abuse will be strictly regulated Ministry of Health will irregularly check flight

â–  Limiting access to the right to prescribe antibiotics for doctors

â– Improved treatment of unscrupulous antimicrobial agents and restrictions on prescription drugs

â–  Rational Use of Antimicrobial Agents Linked to Clinical Focus and Hospital Grade Assessment

â–  The amount of antibacterial drugs used, usage and intensity of use will be announced

Business News Agency February 16 The reporter learned from the National Medical Management Work Conference held in Beijing in 2011 that the Ministry of Health will launch a "Special Action on Antibacterial Drug Application" nationwide this year in response to the abuse of antibiotics. The Ministry of Health will organize a special inspection team to irregularly inspect the prescriptions of some medical institutions in the country and the use of antibacterial drugs. For medical institutions whose inspection results are unqualified, a national notification will be given and the local government will coordinate with the main person in charge of the organization and the related parties to talk or perform administrative sanctions.

It is reported that the clinical application of antibiotics in China mainly has the following problems:

First, there are many varieties of antibiotics used clinically. Some of the curative effects are inaccurate or there are serious safety hazards. The drugs that have repeatedly been warned or even cancelled in the world are still used in some medical institutions in China. Second, the use of antibacterial drugs and the use of high intensity, a large amount. 68.9% of inpatients use antibiotics, 37.0% of patients use antibacterials, and an average of 100 patients consume 80.1 antibiotics a day, which is more than double the global average released by the World Health Organization. Third, the level of medication is low, and the structure of drug application is irrational. Many medical institutions are seeking new, expensive, and wide choices in the application of antimicrobial drugs. The monitoring results over the past five years showed that quinolones, third-generation cephalosporins and second-generation cephalosporins have always occupied the top three of the total use of antimicrobial drugs in China. In addition, the proportion of China's Class I clean incision preventive use of antibiotics has been more than 97%, while in Western developed countries this ratio is less than 30%. Fourth, there are major differences between different regions. The same is the top three general hospitals, the maximum gap between the number of varieties of antibacterial drugs used more than six times, the use of I type of clean incision surgery antibiotic use rate is the worst difference of more than 10 times. Fifth, the situation of bacterial drug resistance is facing severe challenges.

Vice Minister of Health Ma Xiaowei pointed out that the causes of these problems are relatively complex. There are problems with the mechanism of medicine for medical care, rational drug management system and regulatory capacity, the ability and level of rational use of drugs by medical personnel, and the public’s awareness of rational drug use. Train questions. These issues require comprehensive governance.

In order to cooperate with the "Special Actions for the Use of Antimicrobial Drugs," the Ministry of Health will draft and issue the "Administrative Measures for Antibacterial Drugs in Medical Institutions" as soon as possible to further clarify the responsible persons for the rational use of antibiotics in medical institutions, and clarify the related management of antibacterial drugs and prescription reviews. System, and starting from several aspects, to strengthen the management of antibacterial drugs in medical institutions:

The first is to strengthen the management of the clinical use of high-level antibiotics in medical institutions by restricting the acquisition of the right to use prescriptions for special antibiotics; the second is to increase the treatment of unreasonable antibiotics by physicians and limit the prescription of antibacterial drugs. Controlling the irrational use of antibacterial drugs; Third, combining the rational use of antibacterial drugs in medical institutions with clinical focus specialists and hospital grade review work. For medical institutions that have serious problems in the management and use of antibacterial drugs, one vote must be rejected; The medical institutions and medical personnel are ranked and publicized on the use of antibacterial drugs, their rate of use and intensity of use, and social supervision mechanisms have been introduced to urge medical institutions and medical personnel to continuously improve the rational use of antibacterials.

The Ministry of Health requires medical institutions to implement the "prescription management measures", "medical institutions management regulations", "national prescriptions" and "guidance principles for the clinical application of antibacterial drugs" and other departmental regulations and regulatory documents, comprehensively combing the organization The problems existing in the clinical application management and clinical practice of antibacterial drugs are investigated and solved in a timely manner. Strengthen the pre-warning monitoring of prescriptions, medical opinion and irrational use of drugs, and improve the daily supervision mechanism. The provincial health administrative departments shall organize and carry out special inspections of the clinical application of antibacterial drugs in medical institutions in their respective jurisdictions in accordance with the uniform deployment and uniform standards of the Ministry of Health. Taking various forms such as surprise inspections and on-site commentary, and based on comprehensively combing and rectifying the problem of irrational use of antibacterial drugs in medical institutions, the key links are highlighted. The most irrational use of drugs against medical institutions such as the prevention of the use of antibacterials and abuse of quinolone antibiotics is most serious. The problems are focused on.

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