Artificial assisted mating method for rabbits

Some female rabbits are estrus, but do not receive male rabbit mating. Artificially assisted mating can be used: the male and female rabbits are placed on a large table top, or in a larger male rabbit cage, and the female rabbit is first held down. With the right hand, grab the female rabbit's neck and ears, and the left hand extends from the ventral side between the abdomen and hind legs, and hold the thumb and index finger on both sides of the genitals of the female rabbit to raise the female rabbit's buttocks so that the female rabbit is presented Head and tail high position, to allow male rabbits to mate, after mating is completed, hand beat the female rabbit's buttocks, so that his hindquarters nervous, deep inhalation of semen.

In addition, due to the gradual shortening of the daytime in the fall, the female rabbit should be appropriately extended the duration of the light and increase the intensity of light in order to increase the estrus and breeding rate of the breeding female rabbits and the survival rate of the postpartum pups.

Efficacy: The Institute was rigorously tested perfume lotus functions are as follows (data from the network and quality control) in the perfume lotus rich in plant placenta (pituitary hormones regulate the body, the body can maintain long-term young state) is rich in collagen and crude protein (blood pressure, circulation)
Total flavonoids (regulate bodily functions)
Polysaccharides (to enhance immunity)
Alkaloids (biologically active, able to reconcile body fluids, to improve the body acidic)
Oligosaccharides and crude fiber (lipid-lowering, detoxification reconciliation constipation, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other special populations of food-based material)
Other: Lotus perfume containing VE and VC and other vitamins and zinc, calcium and trace elements and glutamic acid, lysine, nearly 20 kinds of amino acids.
Lotus tea contains lotus base, pink lotus, lotus honey, as well as ascorbic acid, glutathione, kaempferol, endosperm and soft quality.

Skin and beauty nutrition, promote metabolism, debilitating brain, high uric acid, Yin night sweats, dry mouth, pediatric slow convulsion, hypertension and other chronic diseases and symptoms, with good results. Beauty is health "world treasure" tea in Need. Aromatic glycol, there is heat detoxification, sedative, eliminate inflammation, sweet, balanced fat, moist, in addition to the risk function.

Companies registered capital of 35 million yuan, the end of 2014 the total assets of 48.69 million yuan, including fixed assets of 37.52 million yuan. The company's existing cooperation Orange cultivation base 7043.5 acres, the company production base is located in Jiangxi County Tech Industrial Park Chu Tan industrial area, covers an area of 120 acres, it has built a standard plant 9,000 square meters, Nissan 6000 kg Orange enzymes and other liquid enzyme products. Enzyme, known as enzyme, refers to a polymer substance having biocatalytic functionality. In the catalytic reaction system an enzyme, the reactant molecules are known as substrates, enzyme substrates by catalytic conversion to another molecule. Almost all cellular activity of enzymes involved in the process are required to improve efficiency. Similar to other non-biological catalysts, enzymes chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy to accelerate the rate of the reaction, most of the enzyme catalyzed reaction rate can be increased a million times; in fact, the enzyme is to provide an activation energy needs than another low way, so that more particles to have less than the activation energy of the reaction kinetic energy, thus speeding up the reaction rate. Enzyme as a catalyst, in itself is not consumed during the reaction, it does not affect the chemical equilibrium reactions. Positive enzyme catalysis, but also a negative catalytic effect, not only to accelerate the reaction rate, but also to reduce the reaction rate. And other non-living catalysts is different, having a high degree of specificity of enzyme, only a catalytic reaction or produce a particular specific configuration.

Perfume Lotus Tea

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