Three strokes to identify water injection lamb

The water injected later in the water injection is not clean and contains harmful substances. The taste is not good, and it can easily cause people to catch various diseases. How should consumers identify?

At a glance: 1. A qualified mutton meat body is covered by a purple quarantine inspection seal of the animal husbandry department with a quarantine certificate. Unqualified meat products are not; 2, fresh, normal lamb is tender red, shiny, no exudation after cutting. The part of the mutton of the water-injected lamb became pale red, and the fat part was pale and dull, and a large amount of pale red blood was poured out after cutting.

Second touch: There is little grease spillage at the normal meat incision site, and there is a certain sense of sticking to the incision site with the finger's tummy. It feels slick and no odor; the water injected with blood touches out when touched, and there is no sense of sticking.

Three burning: Take a small piece of paper towel attached to the incision site of mutton, set for 5-15 seconds, soaked after wet, ignited with the fire, can completely burn, it is normal meat, otherwise it can be determined as water injection meat.

Biocide Technical Ingredients

All water based products have plenty of nutrients and water to support microbe growth under favorable conditions.  Microbes invade water based products from multi-point sources, such as contaminated raw materials, poor plant hygiene, untreated water, and not properly preserved recycling materials.  While adding in-can preservatives into the products should not excuse a factory from Good Manufacturing Hygiene Practices (GMHP), proper use of in-can preservatives coupled with GMHP can dramatically minimize the chance of microbial tolerance development, and assure unspoiled products to customers. 

Biocides formulators often use several types of in-can preservatives as active ingredients in their biocidal products for various industrial water based products. One of these active ingredients is benzisothiazolone (BIT).  It has several distinct performance advantages, including good stability at high pH, good stability in the presence of reducing agents, and broad spectrum of activities against many microbes.  

Sunshine Biotech supplies to all industrial biocides formulators with high quality BIT technical ingredients. Besides of BIT, we also provide its derivative, like BBIT, MBIT etc.

Biocide Technical IngredientsBiocide Technical Ingredients

Biocide Technical Ingredients

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