Roughly squeezed rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil has tricks, mastering the following techniques can produce more oil.
(1) Debris removal: 1% of the sediment in rapeseed will reduce the oil yield (because the sand sucks oil) and will also abrade the extruder screw. Therefore, it is necessary to use a sieve to remove the sediment in the rapeseed before fry the seeds. The net is better.
(2) control the furnace temperature: processing households use more frying pan rapeseed, fried pan is also fast burning red, it is inevitable that some rapeseed fried coke and affect the oil rate. Therefore, it is required to open the upper burner and seal the lower tuyere to prevent the furnace temperature from being too high when the rapeseed is ripened to eight. It is also possible to build a movable trough on the wall of the stove and embed an active iron plate. When a fire is needed, lift the iron plate up and open the crater. When not in the fire, put down the iron plate to seal the crater.
(3) Modification of the squeezing screw: Type 95 horizontal shaft oil press is composed of six crumbs of No. 1--6, and No. 5 squeezing screw is smaller than No. 6 if the old No. 1 squeezing screw is used instead of the fifth squeezing screw. Spike, increase the pressure of oil extraction, the oil will be moved back 8-10 centimeters, can make more than 1 kilogram per 100 kilograms of rapeseed oil.
(4) Hot Pressing: The temperature of the freshly-pickled rapeseed is 108 degrees Celsius. It is best to control the amount of fried seeds in each pot of 40 kg - 50 kg, so that the seeds are both fast and uniform, with the fry with the squeeze. If rapeseed rapeseed can not be poured into the mouth all at once, insulation measures should be taken to prevent heat dissipation so as not to affect the oil yield.
(5) Amount of tragic oyster shell: Per 100 kg of rapeseed can infiltrate oyster shell (ie rice hull) 5 kg - 7 kg. The chaff is required to be fresh and free from impurities, and the ash is not sieved. When the rapeseed is fried, it is poured into the pan and mix well, which promotes the reunion of the rapeseed, increases the pressure inside the pressing, increases the oil output, and increases the oil production rate.

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