Yellow leaf prevention and cure technology of tomato

In the process of looking at the greenhouses in the countryside, many vegetable farmers have reported that there are more yellow leaves in tomatoes this year. Ask how this happened. The answer is as follows: At present, the yellowing of tomato leaves in greenhouses is mainly in the middle and lower parts. The leaves are yellow, and a few are yellow for the top leaves. The yellow leaves of the middle and lower parts are mainly the middle and lower leaves of the tomato plants. The leaves have yellow spots at first sight and gradually develop into yellow leaves throughout the leaves, but mainly yellow veins and veins remain green. With the development of the disease, the leaves gradually become brittle, become brittle, and are fragile. When they are severe, they age and fall off, affecting the normal growth of the whole plant, leading to premature aging of the plants and tomato fruits, etc., Incidence patterns: Occur in the middle and lower leaves, from the bottom up Gradually develop, in which the growth of weaker plants is heavier. Disease analysis: This is a symptom of tomato deficiency magnesium, which belongs to a physiological disease and can be easily diagnosed as a bacterial disease. However, in this case, there is no lack of magnesium in the soil, but the root system of the plant is poor in nutrient absorption, or the utilization of nutrient elements is not high, so this happens. Mainly this year's climate anomaly. After the tomato colonization, it first experienced a period of high temperature, and then experienced a long period of cloudy days, resulting in poor tomato root environment, poor root growth, affecting the normal absorption of nutrients in tomato roots; in addition, long-term photosynthetic plants The effect is poor, affecting crops to produce photosynthetic nutrients, and at the same time crops appear yellow (top leaves) due to lack of sufficient light for a long time. Second, the top leaves yellow: yellow leaves on the top of the tomato, yellow for the entire leaf, the color is light yellow, including leaves and veins, leaves become thinner and smaller. Disease analysis: It is a physiological disease that may be related to the lack of iron and zinc in tomatoes. Solution: 1. Spray magnesium fertilizer: spray foliar fertilizers containing magnesium, such as green Bole, green Fenwei and 0.1% magnesium sulfate (ie, 1 two-to-three sprayer liquid), etc., and spray the lower blade when spraying . 2. Spray foliar fertilizers containing iron or zinc: spray green fenway 2 or ruthenium green or 0.1% ferrous sulphate (ie 1 2 to 3 sprayer liquids), etc., supplement iron, main spray upper leaves . Note that ferrous sulphate is not suitable for direct application to the soil, otherwise it will damage the soil. 3. Rooting: You can use thiophanate-methyl 600 times as rooting agent, such as Fengshou No.1, rooting strong seedlings, etc. to irrigate roots, or fertilize roots in soil, such as fast absorption, or use to increase crop nutrient utilization. Fertilizers such as U.S. chelated eco-complex fertilizer can effectively improve this situation, and farmers may wish to try it.

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