Changes in vegetable density can increase yield

First, change the principle of dense plant production 1. Make full use of sunlight. In order to make full use of sunlight, any vegetable has an optimum leaf surface index. The longer the optimum leaf area index is maintained, the higher the yield of vegetables. The change of close planting is to increase the density of the early crops, so that the leaf area index tends to be reasonable in the early stage. In the middle or late stage, the population structure is significantly larger when the sparse plant, so that the vegetables maintain the most suitable leaf area index for a relatively long time, increase the early yield And total output. 2. Make full use of facilities. Since the vegetables cultivated on protected land are sold early, the price is often several times that of open cultivation. If the density is raised to a large extent and the early yield is increased, the benefits can be greatly increased. Second, changes in dense planting practices 1. Leaf vegetables. One seed was harvested in batches. That is, when planting or planting, the density is 3 to 4 times larger than the conventional one. As the plant grows, the leaves quickly fill the ground and can better utilize the light energy of the seedling stage. Such as high-density sowing of spinach, from the time they can be eaten gradually harvest, mining large and small, and gradually return to a reasonable close planting. 2. Solanaceous vegetables. The density of rapeseeds cultivated in early spring greenhouses can be doubled, with 5000-6000 strains per acre; eggplants increased by 0.5 times; 3,000 strains were planted in acres; loofahs increased by 3 times, and about 2000 strains were planted per acre; cucumbers were increased by 1 times per acre. Planting 5000-6000 strains can greatly increase the previous production. When the medium-term or late-phase population is obviously too large, affecting the yield and quality in the middle and later periods, some plants are cut off and the density is controlled within the appropriate range of leaf area coefficients. Adapted to early maturing vegetables in early spring greenhouse cultivation. In addition, we can also use the method of intercropping between hi light and shade-tolerant vegetables, intercropping with high- and low-vegetable vegetables, long growing period and short growing period of vegetables to increase yield and benefit. (Shandong Agricultural Bureau, Shandong 274400)

The DHS system is designed to provide strong and stable internal fixation of a variety of intertrochanteric, subtrochanteric and basilar neck fractures. The plate including stainless steel and titanium model. The DHS plates have a low-profile design, reducing the risk of trochanteric bursits.

The low-profile design reduces the risk of iliotibial band irritation(distal femoral fractures) and trochanteric bursitis(subtrochanteric fractures)

The DCS plates are available with 6 to 16 holes , for varied clinical situations. the DHS/DCS lag screw is available in 50mm to 145mm lengths. The DHS/DCS compression screw can be used for additional compression; only one size compression screw is needed.


DHS/DCS Dynamic Hip And Condylar System

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