Diesel engine winter boot taboo the following eleven points

1. Avoid starting without cooling water. Adding cooling water after starting will cause hot parts such as cylinder liners and cylinder heads to suddenly encounter cold water, which may cause explosion and deformation.
2. Avoid boiled boiling water. Adding 100°C boiling water to the cold body will also crack the cylinder head and body. It should be added when the boiling water is cooled to 60-70°C.
3. Avoid supplying fuel according to regulations. For example, when the 4125A diesel engine is started, instead of putting the decompression handle in the “work” position and then supplying the oil, the accelerator handle is put into the oil supply position before starting. Such hazards are: (1) Wasting fuel; (2) Excess diesel will scour the cylinder wall, causing deterioration of lubrication between the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner, and increased wear; (3) Excess diesel flow into the oil pan will dilute the oil and reduce the lubrication effect. (4) Excessive diesel combustion in the cylinder does not completely form carbon deposits.
4. Avoid pulling cart start. In the case of thick cold engine oil, pulling the cart will increase the wear between the moving parts and reduce the service life of the locomotive.
5. Avoid using oil and fuel on a quarterly basis. In the winter, diesel engines will be difficult to start unless they are replaced by low viscosity lube oils and burns.
6. Avoid using an open flame to bake the oil pan. In order to prevent the fire from happening, apply light fire and coal fire to bake the oil pan at a certain distance and slowly shake the oil shaft to allow the oil to heat evenly and lubricate all parts. Avoid directly adding oil to the cylinder. Adding the oil to the cylinder can play a role in sealing the pressure and increasing the temperature, which is convenient for starting the diesel engine cold. However, the engine oil cannot be completely burned, carbon deposits are easily generated, the elasticity of the piston ring is weakened, and the sealing performance of the cylinder is reduced. Accelerating the wear of the cylinder liner causes the power of the diesel engine to drop and the starting is more difficult.
7. Avoid open flame at the intake pipe to start the fire. The start of ignition will make the ash and hard debris generated by the combustion of the material suck into the cylinder, causing the intake and exhaust valves to close and increase the wear of the cylinder.
8. Avoid long continuous start. The engine on a diesel engine works under low voltage and high current, and it will damage the battery if it is used for a long time. Therefore, the continuous working time must not exceed 5 seconds. If it does not start once, it should be started after an interval of 15 seconds.
9. Avoid directly filling gasoline into the intake pipe. Gasoline has a lower ignition point than diesel, so it burns more than diesel, making the engine work rough and producing a strong knocking phenomenon. In severe cases, it can produce an engine reversal.
10. Avoid just starting high speed operation. When the engine is started, the temperature of the lubricating oil is low, and the fluidity is low. The engine immediately runs at a high speed, which can cause rapid wear of various moving parts due to lack of lubrication. In severe cases, a burning bush holding shaft may occur.
11? Avoid using glow plugs and flame preheaters for a long time. The heating elements of the glow plug and the flame preheater are all electric wires, and their power consumption and heat generation are large. If you use it for a long time, it will damage the battery due to rapid discharge, and it can also burn out the heating wire. Therefore, the continuous use time of the glow plug cannot exceed 1 minute, and the continuous use time of the flame heater cannot exceed 20 seconds.

Name: Fungus King seasoning
Spec.: 500 g
Shelf life: 12 months

Ingredients: Vegetable oil, bovine liver bacteria, mushrooms, chili peppers, bean paste, garlic, onions, Chicken Seasoning, ginger, chili, liquor, white sugar, edible flavor spices and so on. 

Storage method: Normal temperature, avoid light storage, open the bag after refrigeration.

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