How to trim walnut trees in autumn

Walnut is a major woody oil and dried fruit species. Reasonable pruning is an important technical measure to improve walnut production and stabilize production. Because the puppies in dormancy period are prone to injury, the tree vigor is weakened, and even local branches die. The appropriate pruning period of walnut trees is better after harvesting from autumn fruits to before defoliation.
The pruning of the initial result tree. From the beginning of the walnut to a large number of results, its tree vegetative growth is more prosperous, and the crown has expanded significantly year by year, and the number has increased year by year. At this time, pruning, in addition to continuing to cultivate multi-polar backbone sticks, we must also pay attention to the retention of auxiliary nutrients, sparse useless close-packed branches, leggy branches and thin and weak branches; so that more types of branches are evenly distributed, and the crown can be properly left to leave results Branches, and to maintain the size of the results in order to increase the size of the results, use strong and weak to adjust the growth branches of the branches at all levels, in order to maintain a balanced development of tree vigor, cultivate a plump crown.
Fruity trim. At this time pruning in order to protect fruit production, prolong the full fruit period, close to the crown inside and outside the dense branches, stems, overlapping branches, drooping branches, pests and branches should be cut off from the base as possible to improve ventilation and light conditions, promote health and strong The results of the mother branch and the development of branches, the strong branches of the indwelling should be properly retained to facilitate the intimal results. For dense branches, shearing should be done year by year, and the wounds should be flattened when sheared to promote good healing.
Aging tree pruning. When the growth of walnut trees declines, they must be renewed in order to restore their vistas and extend their results. Focusing on the retreat trimming of the coke perennial branches, leaving an auxiliary branch at the retraction, promote wound healing and budding buds, making it a strong new branch, rejuvenating the tree. For overly debilitated old trees, the perennial branches can be renewed year by year. The use of budding shoots that grow strong buds will reshape the crown and make the tree grow vigorously. At the same time, pruning is combined with the management of fertilization, watering, pest control and the like, and the effect is even better.

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