Precautions for using a feed mill

Feed mill is a kind of high-efficiency agricultural equipment that is convenient, practical and widely used. It is an indispensable equipment for the feed processing industry. When using the pulverizer, in addition to paying attention to the strict requirements of the product manual, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. The pulverizer motor must have a reliable grounding to avoid unnecessary accidents.

2. After the pulverizer is installed, check the fastening condition of each fastener. If it is loose, it must be tightened.

3. Check if the belt tightness is appropriate and whether the motor shaft and the pulverizer shaft are parallel.

4. When using the pulverizer, the power must be selected according to the specified supporting power, and the speed of the main engine should be strictly selected according to the rated speed of the spindle of each type of pulverizer, and the speed of the main shaft should not be increased. Because the speeding of the pulverizer often brings great safety hazards.

5. When cleaning the blockage in the crusher or adjusting the replacement of the hammer, the screen and the belt, the power must be cut off, and the machine can be stopped after the machine stops running, so that the safety can be ensured just in case.

6. Regularly check the hammer and flat teeth of the pulverizer for cracks and wear. If you replace the hammer or flat tooth, you should try to choose the original accessories of the original manufacturer. At present, there are many hammers and flat teeth in the market. Users must be careful to purchase, so as to avoid damage to the machine caused by inferior accessories.

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