Packaging machinery features and requirements

To study the design method of packaging machinery, we must first start from the characteristics of packaging machinery.

As a special type of special machinery, packaging machinery has its own characteristics compared with other machines:

1) A wide variety. Due to the diversification of packaging objects and packaging processes, packaging machinery differs greatly in principle and structure. Even machines that can perform the same packaging function may have different working principles and structures.

2) Update is fast. As packaging machinery continues to develop at a high speed, mechanical components are extremely prone to fatigue, and with the advancement of society, the requirements for packaging machinery are becoming stricter. To meet market needs, packaging machinery should be updated in time.

3) High control requirements. Due to the complex structure of the packaging machinery and the high requirements of the packaging process, its automatic control directly affects the structure of the packaging machinery, work reliability, packaging product quality, production efficiency, energy consumption and operating environment. Therefore, the control requirements for packaging machinery are relatively fast.

4) Multiple kinetic energy. Packaging machinery is a production of a limited number of professional machinery, to improve production efficiency, easy to manufacture and maintenance, modularization, intelligent control, high precision structure.

In view of the above characteristics of packaging machinery and the development direction of packaging machinery, the design of packaging machinery should adopt modular design to achieve multi-functional, multi-purpose, and comprehensively use machine, electricity, light, gas integration technology to improve automation and ensure its reliability. The machine is easy to adjust, flexible and flexible. In addition, the design should also use ergonomic thinking to achieve "people-oriented". At the same time, standardization, serialization, greening and other design methods are used to optimize the design to meet the design requirements of packaging machinery.

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