Double-shaft concrete mixer using method

Double-shaft concrete mixer using method

The twin-shaft mixer is composed of a mixing drum, a feeding mechanism, a stirring mechanism, a water distribution system, a discharging mechanism, a transmission mechanism and a power part. Concrete machinery includes concrete mixers, mortar mixers, concrete pumping equipment, vibrators (vibrating rods), and the like.

First, the installation and acceptance of the double-shaft concrete mixer is:

(1) The fixed mixer should be installed on a firm pedestal. If it is used for a long time, the anchor bolt should be buried. If it is used for a short period of time, the wooden pillow should be laid under the machine and leveled and stabilized;

(2) The mobile mixer should be installed on a flat and hard floor. It should be fixed with wooden or support frame and kept horizontal. It is not allowed to replace the support with tires. It takes a long time (usually more than 3 months). The tires should be removed and kept in a safe place, and the end of the axle should be cleaned and rust-proofed;

(3) The transmission mechanism, working device, clutch and brake should be tightened, flexible and reliable, and the protective cover is complete;

(4) The wire rope of the mixer shall not be rusted, broken, flattened, etc.;

(5) The safety hook on the body, the lifting ears on the hopper should be in good condition, when the hopper is raised, the safety hook should be hung;

(6) For the mixer to be excavated with the hopper pit, the bottom of the pit should be tamped, and the bottom end of the loading rail frame should also be tamped or the back of the paving frame should be supported by wood to prevent long working time. Deformation

(7) The mixer should be equipped with a rainproof shed, no muddy water around the machinery, clean and tidy, and all kinds of cards are complete;

(8) The mixer should be equipped with “one machine, one brake, one leak and one box”. The leakage protector parameter is 30M A×0.1S, the motor insulation resistance value should be greater than 0.5MΩ, the protection zero line should be no less than two, the console instrument, indication The signal is accurate and reliable;

Second, the installation and acceptance of the double-shaft concrete mixer mortar mixer is:

(1) The installation is stable and firm, the walking wheel should leave the ground, and the machine base should be higher than the ground to facilitate discharging;

(2) The transmission part, working device and protective device should be firm and reliable, flexible and complete;

(3) A safety iron gate must be installed at the inlet, which cannot be removed at will;

(4) The mixer should be equipped with a rainproof shed, no debris around it, neat and tidy, and the operation rules are complete;

(5) The mixer should be equipped with “one machine, one brake, one leak and one box”. The leakage protector parameter is 30M A×0.1S, the motor insulation resistance value should be greater than 0.5MΩ, and the zero line should be no less than two.

Third, the concrete pumping equipment installation acceptance content is:

(1) The placement of the pumping equipment should be kept at a certain distance from the edge of the foundation pit. The pump should be placed in a stable and reliable manner, and there is no obstacle in the action range of the boom;

2) The concrete pump tube support should be fastened and reliable, the joint is sealed reliably, and the “Y” type pipeline should be connected with the cone type tube;

(3) The joint bolts of each part of the concrete pump pipe must be fastened;

(4) It is forbidden to directly attach the vertical pipe to the output port of the pump. The horizontal pipe of not less than 10M should be installed in front of the vertical pipe, and the check valve should be installed near the pump of the horizontal pipe;

(5) When laying down the inclined pipe, the lower end should be connected with a horizontal pipe, the length of which is at least 5 times of the height difference, otherwise the bending pipe should be used to increase the resistance;

(6) When the pumping system is under pressure, do not open any conveying pipe and hydraulic pipe. The safety valve of the hydraulic system shall not be adjusted arbitrarily, and the accumulator can only be filled with nitrogen;

(7) The parking brake and locking brake of the pumping equipment should be used at the same time. The tire should be wedged tightly, the water supply should be normal and the water tank should be filled with water. There should be no debris in the hopper, and the lubrication points should be properly lubricated;

(8) All parts of the operation switch, adjustment handle, hand wheel, control rod, cock, etc. should be in the correct position, the hydraulic system should be normal without leakage.

1. No acceptance after installation, deduct 5 points 2, no protection and zero connection, no leakage protector, 5 points for each buckle, 3, clutch, brake, wire rope can not meet the requirements, each button 3 points per shift before the operation of the mixer Inspection and trial operation, the main contents of inspection are: clutch and brake should be flexible and reliable, wire rope broken, wear should be replaced, wire rope clamp, bolt and other connecting parts should be free of loose gearbox without abnormal noise, no oil leakage, roller, etc. The parts are in normal operation, and the upper and lower limits of the hopper are sensitive and reliable. After the inspection is completed, the empty vehicle test operation is normal, and then it can work.

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