Summer peanut measures to deal with drought

First, varieties. Select high quality and high quality products such as Zhonghua No.6 and Zhonghua No.8.

Second, the appropriate sowing. Before June 10th, we planted enough seeds for planting, at the latest no later than June 15. In the event of drought, we should use water to make rakes and plough the hoe till it is sown. Due to the high temperature and high humidity in summer, peanuts are prone to diseases such as root rot and stem rot. Use seed dressings such as carbendazim to increase the rate of emergence. Mu density 1 to 12,000 holes, sowing 2 seeds per hole. The sowing depth is generally 3.3~5cm, and sandy soil and sandy soil are suitable for 5~7cm.

Third, rational fertilization. The base fertilizer Mushi organic fertilizer 3000 ~ 4000 kg, urea 26 kg, superphosphate 55 kg, 26 kg of potassium chloride, or 250 kg of plant ash. When peanuts were planted, 7.5 kg of urea was topdressed, 1 kg of boron was applied or 0.2 kg was applied outside the roots. Flowering spraying of 1% urea and 2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, ammonium molybdate and other trace element fertilizer mixture.

Fourth, strengthen field management. 1. Check Miao Qingke. Check the seedlings in time from 10 to 15 days after sowing and find that there is a lack of seedlings to promptly regenerate seeds; 2. Weeding and weeding. Peanuts usually cultivate 2~3 times. The first time after the seedlings were combined with Qingchi for shallow ploughing; the second cultivator was conducted for 15-20 days after the qingqian for deep cultivating and grass mulching; the third cultivating was generally carried out in the middle of cultivating soil in the early flowering period, combined with the cultivator. top dressing. 3 earth to welcome the needle. In general, it is better to raise the needle before the flower bloom. Summer peanuts in mid-July before the peanuts are sealed and soil is cultivated. Generally, the soil is cultivated twice. For the first time, the rows of peas are cultivated in the peanut base; in the next 10 days, the second soil is used in combination with the Qinggou. 4. Pest control. Qi Miao after the use of anti-in Wei Wei, imidacloprid wettable powder and other control of aphids. Seedling and early flowering stages use chlorothalonil and chlorpyrifos to prevent root rot, leaf spot, and bacterial wilt. At the end of June and early July, control crickets were applied with 40% phoxim, ethionium and other 250 milliliters of fine soil and 20 kg. 5. Controlling and preventing leggy. After 30 to 35 days from the beginning of flowering, the field with strong growth, high rainfall, and large amount of fertilization should be immediately sprayed with paclobutrazol, etc. for chemical control to promote stable growth. 6. Open a good "three ditch", do a good job of moisture evacuation, in order to promote root protection and increase the yield of pods.

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