Broiler Dimming Technology

In the traditional broiler farming process, most of them take 24 hours of continuous light, which extends the intake time of broilers, but it does not increase the feed intake, and the feed rewards instead decrease, which in turn increases the cost of lighting the chickens. The stress increases the overall economic efficiency is not high. The broiler dimming technology can effectively overcome the shortcomings of traditional lighting programs. The main points are as follows:

(1) Light Intensity An energy-saving light bulb is installed in an area of ​​20 square meters in the house, with a height of 1 meter from the net bed and a lamp distance of 3-4 meters. 1 to 2 days old, 2 watts per square meter (with a 40-watt bulb installed), light intensity 201ux. 8 days old to 3 days before slaughter, 0.75 watts per square meter (changed to 15 watt light bulbs), light intensity 5-10 lux, slaughtered overnight to l0? D201ux.

(2) The light time is 0 day old to facilitate the chicks to eat, recognize and take 24 hours light, 1? D7 Day 23 hours light, 1 hour darkness, let the chicks familiar with the dark environment, to prevent sudden power outages, cause stress, 8 days old to 8 days before slaughter, l8 hours light. From the 7 days before the slaughter, the daily increase of 1 hour until 23 hours. It is illuminated by natural light during the day and supplements the light at night. Day dark time (hours) Illumination time (hours) Light intensity (LUX) 002420-60 1 - Birth weight 4 times 12320-60 8 days before slaughter 6185-10 7 days before slaughter 5195-10 6 days before slaughter 4205 - 10 5 days before slaughter 3215-10 4 days before slaughter 2225-10 3 days before slaughter 1235-10 2 days before slaughter 12310-20

(3) The characteristics of dark light feeding: First, it provides the broiler with a dark environment for a period of time that is closer to the natural law and reduces the stress on the broiler. The second is more conducive to the development of the skeletal and cardiovascular systems. The third is higher levels of alkaline phosphatase in chickens, which is very important for bone development. The fourth is that the flock can retain more energy at rest, thereby increasing the feed conversion rate. Fifth, light/dark alternation can increase the production of melatonin in the chicken and contribute to the development of the immune system. The fifth is to improve the uniformity of the chickens, and the growth rate is better than that of broilers reared in a continuous light environment.

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